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New Catholic hospitals are just another part of the 'war on women'

According to the ACLU and MSNBC the opening of new Catholic hospitals is a bad thing because there are just more places where women can’t get abortions. Apparently it’s a bad thing that one in nine hospital beds now is provided by Catholics, but who would step up and provide them if Catholics didn’t? If... Read more »

Martin Bashir is looking for work. Any suggestions?

Martin Bashir has resigned from MSNBC after trash-mouthing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. If he was forced out (and who would argue that he wasn’t), I think that it’s too bad. They should keep him around. Just like Rush Limbaugh is a favorite of lefties because he supposedly exemplifies everything bad about the right, Bashir has... Read more »

Another Obama Obamacare lie: 'Substandard' health insurance

In addition to lying about how you can keep your health insurance and your doctor, here’s a new one about how the millions of cancelled individual policies are ‘substandard.’ When President Barack Obama last week defended his signature Affordable Care Act by claiming that he is ridding America of “substandard* health insurance” policies, he left... Read more »

President Obama sends a strong fatherhood message to fellow liberals. Will they listen?

President Barack Obama had better watch himself. If he keeps talking like he did Friday at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago, he might be mistaken for former Vice President Dan Quayle. In a speech about urban gun violence, Obama targeted truant fathers for being the impetus in causing a raft of social problems, as Quayle... Read more »

How to make 'progressives' go ballistic; mention Herman Cain

Fox News has hired Herman Cain,  ”the spirited former presidential candidate and ex-pizza CEO, as a contributor for Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network,” the Chicago Tribune reports. Be sure to read the comments following the story; you’d think that Fox News had lost its mind, from the ugly tone of liberal comments. My own... Read more »

Marco Rubio, the GOP's foam party candidate

Marco Rubio, the popular Republican senator from Florida and often-mentioned as a possible Republican presidential candidate, said a foam party set him straight and on the path to marry his now wife, Jeanette. As reported in a December, 2012 GQ magazine interview: GQ: You’re the first senator I’ve ever spoken to who had a transformative life... Read more »

Are you a racist if you say Chicago and Illinois are in the toilet?

Apparently some liberal commentators and politicians think so. They suggest that anyone who points out President Barack Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel are the spawn of Chicago’s corrupt politics is guilty of racism because a lot of African Americans live there. Mr. Robinson set the scene on “Hardball” by regurgitating a 2008 meme: The GOP’s attack on Mr. Obama’s... Read more »

Who's dumber, Fox News or MSNBC viewers

If you read the stories, like this one headlined, Fox News viewers less informed about current events, poll shows, you’d think it was the Fox News viewers who are the idiots. You might want to read the actual study to find out that it’s not so clear cut. MSNBC viewers don’t do so well either. What... Read more »

Chris "tingle" Matthews meets his match

The MSNBC talk show host probably thought that Freshman Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) would be easily humiliated and bullied, Matthew’s usual interview approach. Walsh gave as good as he got.

Alexi Giannoulias, dead man walking? (UPDATE)

View more news videos at: U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Alexi Giannoulias (left) with former primary opponent Jacob Meister. Meister later dropped out of the primary and endorsed Giannoulias. Is Giannoulias the next to drop out? (Tribune photod by Chuck Berman) UPDATE: Giannoulias: White House backs me.  MSMBC raised that question, because of the Democratic... Read more »
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