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'Eat at Joe's' on Michigan Ave? Please. No.

The Chicago City Council is thinking about allowing big electronic signs on Michigan Ave. Stop. Don’t. Do tourists need flashing signs to find their way into those stores? I don’t think so; they come there to go to the stores. They also come there because of the ambiance. This is special interest legislation for a... Read more »

Oprah pays party tab. Guess how much

A. $389,990B. $3,012C. $54,832D. $1,089,234 The city invoiced her for city services and she paid the next day, the Sun-Times reports.How much? The correct answer is “C. 54,832.” Really? If that seems a little low, here is how the bill was broken down, according to the paper The Office of Emergency Management and Communications ran... Read more »

King Daley, Queen Oprah and Olympic jousting

What a perfect metaphor for Chicago: thousands of Oprah fans sheepishly Chicagoans flock to pay obeisance to Daley and Oprah corralled into their Michigan Avenue pens, fighting their full bladders for hours in the sun and, finally, gyrating and bowing in unison as if they were worshiping at the altar of a pagan god. It... Read more »

Lunatics Standing Up For Oprah

Oprah’s Michigan Avenue Let me get the rules right. No one is permitted into the viewing area for Oprah’s show on Michigan Ave. until noon Tuesday. There will be no seating allowed in that area and the show’s taping doesn’t start until 5 p.m. So, folks who are getting there at noon to enter the... Read more »

Oprah's ego run amok

The announcement that Oprah’s television season debut show will shut down N. Michigan Avenue for a couple of days, and Mayor Richard M. Daley’s reaction that he  thinks it’s wunnerful is another sign of just how goofy this city can get. (The story is here.) As if North Michigan Avenue, one of the nation’s premier... Read more »
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