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Should Donald Trump be committed?

The question, posed by some academics weeks ago, lingers as President Donald Trump keeps adding more and more evidence that he might be a tad tetched in the head. The latest came when he appeared at a campaign rally to support embattled Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin and proclaimed: You’ve got to vote,” Trump told the crowd... Read more »

Trump's election is good for mental health therapists' business

The Seattle Times reports: With the constant bombardment of information coming out of the Trump administration, local mental-health experts say a hefty number of their existing clients — and as many as 80 percent of potential new clients — are seeking help for postelection distress.  Story doesn’t say whether Barack Obama’s election sent similar numbers... Read more »

In my childhood, there were no mass killings.

I am an old man and the older I get the less I understand. I can’t understand how anyone can look into the face of a 6-year-old and fire round after round into that child, as the deranged gunman did Friday in Sandy Hook Elementary School. Wisdom is supposed to come with age; now, after... Read more »
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    • Trump's committee to re-elect the president is called the DNC. :)
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