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"Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than You Think"

Alex Berenson,  a former New York Times reporter, wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed that is adopted from his new book, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence.” He writes: As legalization spreads, more Americans are becoming heavy users of cannabis, despite its links to violence and mental illness…. Over the... Read more »

If smoking e-cigs is bad, why is smoking weed good?

Because I’m an old white guy who doesn’t get it, maybe someone can explain why we’re rushing to legalize the smoking of “recreational” marijuana at the same time that we’re cracking down on smoking e-cigarets. I thought that filling your lungs with smoke, no matter what kind (e.g. from burning autumn leafs to toxic particle... Read more »

Marijuana anti-science nonsense

It was breathtaking to read that: And most illegal drugs are less impairing than alcohol, which is not tested for by employers, as the National Academy of Science has noted. If anything, the academy concluded from lab studies, moderate doses of stimulants and cocaine had “slight performance-enhancing effects.” The use of certain drugs may not... Read more »

We're a nation of addicts

If we weren’t such a nation of addicts, maybe hordes of drug smugglers wouldn’t crash our borders to feed our habit. Maybe drug cartels wouldn’t terrorize Mexico and Central America — our gift to our southern neighbors. Maybe drunks wouldn’t kill so many on our highways, or our health-care system wouldn’t be so overwhelmed and... Read more »

Smoking pot=okay. Smoking cigarets=bad

Help me out here. We’re seeing all kinds of cheers from cultural lefties and libertarian righties about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and of “medical” dope in Illinois. Yet, smoking cigarets, cigars and pipes continues to be one of the greatest of all sins against the commonweal, at least according to many progressives.... Read more »

Estimates of revenue from legalized pot sales could go up in smoke

Reminds me of all the promises made about how the Illinois lottery would be a big help for state schools. Ha, ha.
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