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Say what? The White Sox are in first place

Well, tied for first anyway. For  the moment. They’re not supposed to be there; the spotlight is on the Cubs. Obsessively so. Maybe its just a measure of how weak the AL Central is. Or how competitive it is. Anyway, I just thought that I should point this out, because it’s been over shadowed by... Read more »

The White Sox' problem is that stupid 100-pitch rule

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. — Proverb. With all of the attention directed at White Sox manager Robin Ventura for the team’s recent slide from first place into the depths of despair, I’m looking for something larger: It’s that  Major League Baseball’s stupid  unwritten rule that a starting pitch... Read more »

The true Chicago White Sox fan hates the New York Yankees more than the Cubs

For years, the conventional wisdom in Chicago has been that the true White Sox fan hates the Cubs. The myth has been conjured up and reinforced by media writers whose historic experience with the two teams falls somewhat short of reality. Here’s the reality: The true Chicago White Sox fan hates the New York Yankees more... Read more »

The ultimate pitiful World Series: Cubs vs Blue Jays

A friend from Canada brought to my attention the euphoria our northern neighbors are experiencing because that country’s only Major League Baseball Team–the Toronto Blue Jays–have made it to the MLB playoffs.Then he asked, perhaps tongue in cheek, “Not sure what other teams are in the hunt baseball wise. One from Chicago?”  Uh, yes. Which... Read more »

A Chicago Cubs-White Sox World Series?

Why not? It would be the World Series of the Century, or more. It would restore the flagging interest in Major League Baseball. And what it would do for Chicago? Well…a lot. Maybe set off another War Between the North and the South. But mostly, it would be great! Not in my 72 years have... Read more »

Blame Robin Ventura's mindless, slavish adherence to the 100-pitch dogma for humiliating White Sox loss

Ace White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale was four outs away from another great performance last night, on his way to a complete game and a 4-0 shut-out of the Boston Red Sox. But he had thrown more than 100 pitches–an arbitrary number–so Manager Robin Ventura benched Sale in favor of what everyone knows is... Read more »

Poll: Will Jay Cutler match Josh McCown's 300-yard game?

UPDATE: Cutler fell short of the 300-yard mark. Here are Cutler’s stats: Passing: 31 attempts, 22 completions. Three touchdowns, two interceptions, including one in the end zone. Rating: 102.2. Still not on a par with McCown, I’d say. Whether there’d be a different game outcome, who’s to say? ############################### (Original post): No way will the NFL Chicago Bears‘... Read more »

Why would the White Sox want to stay in Chicago?

Even after leading their division for weeks and months, they still could draw only relatively small crowds. It’s sad, because if the Sox had been able to build its new stadium in northwest suburban Addison as the owners had wanted, the club could have been more a financial success, and more competitive in the search... Read more »

In defense of Hawk Harrelson

White Sox TV broadcaster (on WGN and Comcast SportsNet) Ken “Hawk” Harrelson called the game as he saw it, and for that Major League Baseball is thinking about punishing him. For MLB, those bringing us the game should see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Harrelson’s supposed sin came when he criticized... Read more »

Buzz off Bud (Selig)

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig apparently gave Ken “Hawk” Harrelson a chewing out for calling a White Sox game as he saw it, the Tribune reports. In a nutshell, according to the Trib, here’s the beef: Harrelson became irate after [Mark] Wegner ejected White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana the fourth inning for throw a pitch behind Tampa... Read more »
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