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I actually saw some people smiling

They were people who were relaxing in the ocean-front Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida. Children romping in the surf. Couples walking. Sunbathers. Readers, like myself, under umbrellas. Following social distancing guidelines. Smiling, because they were enjoying their freedom, because they were doing what they are forbidden to do elsewhere. Doing exactly what the autocratic Chicago Mayor... Read more »

O'Hare Airport expansion headed for a crash landing

Even though the airline industry is heading for a crash landing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the city of Chicago, with typical aplomb promises that the $8.7 billion Taj Mahal O’Hare Expansion project is taking off as scheduled. Apparently not noticing that United and American airlines–the duopoly that runs O’Hare–and other airlines are losing tens of millions... Read more »

16 million Americans lose their jobs. But no one working for Chicago will

In one Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s  most staggering promises, she has ruled out layoffs in city government because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Sun-Times reported: “We are not expecting to do any layoffs,” the mayor told a news conference hours before Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order was extended for another month. “Our economy in this region is... Read more »

I might get hit by a hurricane, but a bigger storm is about to blast Chicago

The warnings here in Jacksonville, Florida, are vague: Hurricane Dorian might or might come ashore here. But in Chicago, a Storm 10 is about to hit when Mayor Lori Lightfoot gives her state-of-the-state speech tonight. Taxpayers, businesses and everyone else are going to batten down the hatches as speculation about what she will say in... Read more »

Chicago soon could be paying for TWO workforces

While it only has one. How can this be? The Illinois Policy Institute explains that starting in 2021, the city’s contribution to the fire-fighters’ pension fund will equal 79 percent of the actual payroll. In other words, taxpayers would be paying a whole lot for people actually working and almost as much for people not working.... Read more »

Beware the siren song of 'infrastructure'

Make only big, costly plans. “Infrastructure” is billed as the one government expenditure that can bring the waring political sides together, as if every dollar spent is a good, great idea. It’s not. At least not as often as it is billed. Let’s take some examples of costly infrastructure projects that flopped: The $363 million “new face” of... Read more »

High and mighty Chicago Teachers Union president warns Mayor Lightfoot

Jesse Sharkey, fresh off re-election as Chicago Teachers Union president, huffs and puffs that if new Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t “transform” Chicago Public Schools (the way the union wants) then she better watch out. The Chicago Tribune quotes Sharkey announcing immediately after his re-election,  “We hope that the new mayor makes good on her promises to transform... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel to South Side and south suburbs: 'Drop Dead'

Will Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, say the same? We may soon find out, as the idea of a South Suburban Airport is gaining new life.  For decades now, former Mayor Richard M. Daley and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have stuck a sharp stick in the eye of the Southland by blocking a South Suburban Airport. Lightfoot’s turn is next. The... Read more »

3 clouted mega projects that Chicago Mayor-elect Lightfoot should throttle

 Terminal 2 at O’Hare International Airport. Lincoln Yards, Near North Side, $56-billion development. Obama Center‘s location in Jackson Park. These are urgent actions that Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot should take if she wants to bore into the heart of the Chicago Way. These are three multi-billion-dollar projects that best exemplify how big money and big clout have fashioned... Read more »

Will a progressive Mayor Lightfoot move the Obama Center out of Jackson Park?

She should, if she wants to be considered a true progressive. She’d also pen a Community Benefits Agreement to ensure the Obama Center shares jobs and contracts with the depressed nearby neighborhoods. A few true progressives from the start have objected to the gigantic structure’ site in historic, lakefront Jackson Park. But too many have abandoned their... Read more »
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