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New Law Allows Illinois Gubernatorial Candidates To Hand Pick Running Mates

Tribune photo by Antonio Perez / May 3, 2010 Scott Lee Cohen, forced off the ballot as Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor announces his independent candidacy for governor, trying to leaping back into the political fray. Under a new law, Quinn could have picked his own running mate. Thank the Lord. I can’t figure out... Read more »

Scott Lee Cohen planning run for governor

He’s back. And why not? Considering the folks Illinois voters elect year after year, why not Scott Lee Cohen. What’s interesting is that Cohen reached the decision to get into the governor’s race after sampling public opinion: Just weeks later, rumors began to circulate that Cohen was conducting polling to determine what voters thought of... Read more »

Touche, Eric

UPDATE: Eric responds to my post, which responded to his post.  Tribune columnist and my occasional liberal sparring partner Eric Zorn recently called out Republicans, Mayor Richard M. Daley, myself and others who argue that state Rep. Art Turner (D-Chicago) rightfully should be the Democratic nominee for Illinois lieutenant governor after whozitts, the primary winner,... Read more »

Why continue the search?

Tammy Duckworth has turned down Gov. Pat Quinn’s offer to be his running mate He’s available in the November election, sending him and the rest of the Democratic Party Leadership scrambling to find a second choice. Again, the voters have nothing to say about it. They already have made their second choice for slating as... Read more »

Keep the lieutenant guv

Michael Madigan: What’s he up to? Chicago Tribune photo by Terrence Antonio James / For some unfathomable reason, House Speaker Michael Madigan has introduced legislation that would abolish the office of lieutenant governor. It’s hard to take it seriously when Madigan is getting blasted for not properly vetting Scott Lee Cohen, who won the Democratic primary for... Read more »

Lt. Gov. needed; blacks need not apply

Art Turner. He came in second; why isn’t he good enough to be the candidate? By the time this appears, Democratic big shots may already have picked the party’s new candidate for Illinois lieutenant governor, again denying voters their choice. You’ll recall that Democrats blocked any effort to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by... Read more »

Todd Stroger is available

Stroger for Lieutenant Governor! The junta that decided that Todd Stroger would make such a wonderful Cook County board president now has an opportunity to give him a promotion for a job well done. Democrats are looking for a new lieutenant governor candidate, and who could be better suited for the job? The lieutenant governor... Read more »

It keeps getting worse for the Democrats

Turns out that the guy Democratic voters nominated to be their candidate for Illinois Lieutenant Governor had been arrested in 2005 for domestic battery. Scott Lee Cohen said that the previously disclosed arrest (dismissed because the woman didn’t show up for legal proceedings) was a matter of an argument with his drunken girlfriend. Cohen said... Read more »

Ricky Hendon's bacon

If honesty were the only qualification for public office, Ricky Hendon would deserve to be elected king of the universe. Hendon was brutally honest when he went before Cook County Ricky Hendon Democratic slatemakers seeking their endorsement for lieutenant governor. He flatly stated that his job would be to bring home the bacon, or as... Read more »
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