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Here's an easy way for Trump to beat the appeals court and Judge Robart

I wasn’t sure that this would work until I heard Jay Sekulow,  Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), suggest it on Fox News. Mute the lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s immigration timeout for seven majority Muslim countries. Here’s how: Issue a new executive order deleting everything that District Court Judge James... Read more »

Another reason the right hates the media

In a Chicago Tribune story, “Immigration grabs Capitol Hill spotlight,” Joseph Tanfani writes about the Center for Immigration Studies, NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform: With [attorney general nominee Jeff] Sessions  posed to be an influential voice on immigration policy in the Trump administration, these formerly fringe groups have their best chance yet... Read more »

Rubio and my son talk sense on immigration

Bring up illegal immigration and you’re likely to hear “Blah, blah, blah.” But Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio makes sense. As my son emailed me: It is about TIME someone actually said something in this whole immigration debate that makes sense.  People may agree/disagree over the issue of deportations but nothing will change unless we first... Read more »

Donald Trump will build a wall--a great wall--around Little Italy

This is a parody, produced by the creators of The Cannolis. The press release follows: CHERRY HILL, N.J., Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Cannolis creators are not afraid to take on all sorts of topics, including politics. The latest short release from the creators of this satirical cartoon that has its roots in shows such as Family... Read more »

The ignorant rhetoric of pro-Obamacare apologists

How often have the defenders of Obamacare trotted out the canard that you can’t change or repeal it because it is “the law of the land”? It was passed by Congress and signed by the president, they say, so keep your hands off of it. We’ve had an election and that’s that. The unspoken premise,... Read more »

What or who killed all those Irish immigrants?

Was it cholera or murder? Almost 60 Irish immigrants working on a railroad project near Philadelphia in the early 1880s died. Cholera was blamed, but some skulls found the site suggests that some were victims of awful violence. The Wall Street Journal tells the story. Very interesting.

67% Say States Should Be Able To Enforce Immigration Laws If Feds Are Not

A new Rasmussen poll seems to support Arizona’s efforts to enforce federal immigration laws when the U.S. government ignores its obligations to do so. 

Feds subsidize Chicago and other illegal immigration sanctuaries

What sense does this make: Chicago (Cook County) and a number of other jurisdictions have policies that obstruct federal immigration law enforcement or encouraging illegal settlement. At the same time, the Justice Department is handing out millions of dollars to the same jurisdictions to compensate for the cost of jailing illegal aliens. The Center for... Read more »

Illegal aliens campaign against Mark Kirk

The WBEZ headline calls them “undocumented youth,” which I suppose means that they can’t prove that they’re young. Such are the distortions of language handed to us by the politically correct, like WBEZ and National Public Radio. Undoubtedly, this story will anger some conservatives, the idea that foreign nationals, not qualified to vote, are interfering... Read more »

More crap from NPR

Leave it to the tax-supported National Public Radio to see boogeymen working secretively to get Arizona’s illegal immigration reform law passed in order to make a pile of money by building and operating prisons. Here’s how NPR described the boogeymen: It was last December at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C. Inside, there was a... Read more »
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