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Hey AFSCME, what the hell now?

Instead of crowing about how the Illinois Supreme Court rejected the latest effort to solve Chicago’s suffocating pension problems, it would be nice if AFSCME suggested a solution for funding public employee pensions–other than taxing everyone into oblivion. Demonstrating once again that they are prepared to ride into hell on the backs of Chicago and... Read more »

What if, Illinois?

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Support for Illinois term limits are far more than overwhelming

When up to 80 percent of any group can agree on something, you know that (1) it’s got to be right or (2) an awful lot of people are getting fooled. When it comes to imposing term limits on Illinois legislators and legislative leaders, I believe that it’s the former. Illinois voters are so fed... Read more »

Why some people support the death penalty

I’m not for it, usually. But here’s why some people support the death penalty. Under a new Illinois Supreme Court ruling these two creatures, sentenced to life imprisonment, may get a chance to walk:  David Biro, who was 16 in 1990 when he forced a pregnant woman and her husband into the basement of their... Read more »

20 months in jail for recording a conversation with a bureaucrat?

What kind of Kafka-like monster did the Illinois legislature create this time? As the Chicago Tribune reported about an injustice that the Illinois Supreme Court finally ended: The case involves Annabel Melongo, who recorded three telephone conversations she had with a court reporter supervisor at the George Leighton Criminal Courts complex. Melongo called to correct... Read more »

State Supreme Court gives the ACLU of Illinois a lesson in parenting

For 18 years, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois successfully delayed the implementation of an Illinois law requiring a parent be notified when her daughter schedules an abortion.  On Thursday, the Illinois Supreme Court soundly rejected the ACLU’s bogus arguments, clearing the way for a moderate provision that a majority of Americans support. Many... Read more »

Personal PAC, Fred Eychaner and big money bought an Illinois supreme court justice victory

Last minute personal smears by radical pro-choice group funded by big money contributions and backed by Rahm Emanuel’s Democratic machine carries the day for Illinois Supreme Court justice. Never heard of Fred Eychaner? Then you need to read this post in With Both Hands, a blog by a genuine Chicagoan, Pat Hickey. Eychaner is the Daddy Warbucks... Read more »

An Illinois supreme court slap down for Chicago teachers

After two years of battling, the Illinois Supreme Court has sided with Chicago Public Schools. According to the Tribune: In a 5-2 ruling issued this morning, the court said the Illinois School Code does not give laid-off tenured teachers a right to be rehired nor the right to call for certain procedures during the layoff... Read more »

Dem majority on state supreme court scuttles tort reform

The Illinois Supreme Court demonstrated last week that it takes the “supreme” in its name all too seriously, as it struck down with divine certainty one of the best things that the Illinois Legislature has done recently: tort reform. The court’s rationalization for its odious decision amounts to little more than “because we can.” What... Read more »

Dissing your grandchildren

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that a Jewish husband and wife were within their rights to disinherit any grandchildren who married outside the faith. Said the story: Four of their five grandchildren wound up marrying spouses who were not Jewish and weren’t allowed to inherit. Some challenged that in court,... Read more »