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Illinois debt now is worse than during the Depression

How much worse can it get? Democrats, led by House Speaker Michael Madigan, have brought the Great Depression back to Illinois. Now Democrat gubernatorial nominee J. B. Pritzker wants to make it worse. Read it and weep from the Illinois News Network. dennis@dennisbyrne.net www.dennisbyrne.net My historical novel: Madness: The War of 1812 Here’s how to subscribe... Read more »

Illinois' hidden state government debt=$51.9 billion

In addition to the crushing debt that everyone (except Democrats) is talking about there is $51.9 billion that the state has hidden. Reports Truth in Accounting, a non-partisan government financial watchdog: Repeated decisions by state officials have left the state with a staggering debt burden of $210.4 billion, according to Truth in Accounting’s (TIA) analysis of... Read more »

Illinois' credit faces a "sort of" do or die moment

Moody’s Investor Service is weighing in again on Illinois financial crisis, threatening another downgrading of its credit rating if it doesn’t do something to resolve its budget stalemate in a couple of months, Reuter’s reports. The credit rating agency said the state is at a “critical juncture,” and failure to reach a budget consensus by... Read more »

Get out your checkbook; you owe Illinois $45,500

That’s what every person in Illinois would have to cough up if the state were to pay off its unfunded debt of $186.9 billion. Don’t worry though, the state of Illinois will not and cannot pay its unfunded debt. The state’s politicians–run by Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan–have made permanent indebtedness a part of the state’s... Read more »
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