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Most Local Tax Increases on Ballot Lose Tuesday

The Illinois Policy Institute tallied the dozens of local referenda conducted in Illinis asking voters if they favored or opposed a tax increase. Here’s what the Institute found: Of the 37 tax increase referenda, only 14 passed.…When given a choice between lower taxes and more spending, voters more often than not supported lower taxes. Follow... Read more »

What the election changed in Illinois: Nada, rein, nothing

If you live, work or run a business in Illinois, look out below. You’ll face higher taxes and more borrowing at higher rates (when everyone else is paying less). If the numbers for the governor’s remain the same, and it looks like they will, Pat Quinn will remain governor. And House Speaker Michael Madigan will... Read more »

Sick of Rahm, already

Is anyone as sick as me from hearing about whether Rahm Emanuel will run for Chicago mayor? Jeez, let us alone, would ya? Some of my media colleagues have been so easily manipulated by this guy into doing a story at every turn that I’m embarrassed for them.  He’s supposed to announce on Friday, maybe... Read more »

Suburban Democratic congressional candidates up against it

Here is some bad news for those candidates, including Dan Seals, the Democratic candidate to replace Mark Kirk in the north suburbs 10th congressional district: Heading into the final two months of the mid-term election campaign, most voters believe that Democrats in Congress want to raise taxes and spending while Republicans in Congress want to cut... Read more »
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