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Liberals illegally flooding across the Canadian border

I wish that when parodies like this show up in my mailbox that the author’s name is included. Unfortunately it isn’t with this one, but it’s too good not to post. If you happen to know the author, let me know.  The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified, sparking calls... Read more »

Mexican immigration to Illinois plummets

The number one country of origin for immigrants to Illinois now is India. Meanwhile, Mexican immigration to Illinois has plummeted 71 percent from 2005 to 2014. Reports the Pew Charitable Trust‘s Stateline: Two states that have undergone a striking shift are Michigan and Illinois. Mexican-Americans have a long history in Detroit’s Mexicantown and in Chicago,... Read more »

Der Donald's Brown Shirts

Der Donald Trump’s insistence that he can deport some 11 million illegal immigrants “humanely” is like saying that Hitler’s rounding up and shipping out millions of Jews was nice. Trump, as usual, wouldn’t be pinned down on how he would accomplish this miraculous and gracious feat. But let’s think about it. First, you’ve got to... Read more »

President Trump sends U.S. troops into Mexico*

WASHINGTON–President Donald Trump unexpectedly deployed thousands of U.S. troops to create a 5-mile-wide “alien free” zone on the Mexican side of its border with America. Frustrated by Mexico’s refusal to pay for a $1.2 billion wall along the border to keep undocumented immigrants from illegally entering the United States, Trump said today that he was... Read more »

The year's most remarkable, yet untold, story

Record numbers of unaccompanied minor immigrants are illegally crossing into the United States but little is being reported about how they are doing it. It’s a stunning, even heroic, story about how almost three-fourths of the thousands of children apprehended crossing the brooder into the U.S. are from Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador. How the hell... Read more »

Someday you may need a valid ID to vote

Anyone can walk into a polling place and vote in your place. All that your impostor needs do is be able to roughly forge your name on the ballot application. This, of course, facilitates all kinds of fraud. Now, however, an increasing number of states are considering new laws that would require a valid voters... Read more »

Rhode Island reports illegal immigrants

It sounds like Rhode Island already is doing what Arizona’s new law will do. In the nation’s smallest state, troopers are reporting all illegal immigrants they encounter, even on routine traffic stops. They then are turned over for deportation. Even more amazing, they are doing so under the federal 287(g) program that trains local police to enforce federal... Read more »

Virginia county knows what the Arizona immigration law will accomplish

A lot and all of it good, according to Price William County officials. For three years, Prince William County near Washington D.C. has had on its books a law similar to Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law. It resulted in lower crime and fewer babies born without insurance.  How about racial profiling, the thing that immigration activists... Read more »

Leaving "illegal" out of the "immigration" debate is dishonest

Participants in the International Workers’ Day Mass March and Rally in Chicago gather at Union Park today to support illegal immigration. (Abel Uribe/ Chicago Tribune) Yet, everywhere, the fight over the new Arizona law is called a debate over “immigration,” rather than over “illegal immigration.” Thus, a New York Times headline said “Immigration advocates rally... Read more »
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