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14,000 breaking down fences to enter an America that "was never that great"

The “caravan” of 14,000 who are marching through Mexico to storm the American border obviously know something that some progressives don’t: America is a special place that offers freedom, security and economic stability. For the 14,000 and the hundreds more that are reportedly forming in Central America in a second wave, they would disagree with New York Gov.... Read more »

Number of illegal aliens in U.S. double the estimated 11 million

The number of illegal aliens (a.k.a. undocumented immigrants) could be double the widely accepted estimate of 11.3 million, according to a Yale University study. It’s not some “anti-immigrant,” pro-Trump, right-wing fanatic that has updated the estimate to 22.1 million. This is an explosive study that could mean that estimates of what illegal immigration is costing American taxpayers may... Read more »

Someday you may need a valid ID to vote

Anyone can walk into a polling place and vote in your place. All that your impostor needs do is be able to roughly forge your name on the ballot application. This, of course, facilitates all kinds of fraud. Now, however, an increasing number of states are considering new laws that would require a valid voters... Read more »
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