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What Republicans want

President Barack Obama, in his post-election press conference, asked Republicans to lay out what they want, now that in the next Congress they will control both houses of Congress. As if it were a mystery. But for those who have rigidly insisted that the Republicans were entirely negative and had no clue about what issues... Read more »

Dick Durbin and Barack Obama kiss Harry Reid's behind; stiff Illinois constituents

Our very own Democratic President Barack Obama and Sen. Dick Durbin have abandoned their constituent’s well-being in order to kiss Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s butt. Illinois continues to be home to one of the nation’s largest accumulations of “temporarily” stored nuclear fuel, because Reid has used his power to block a permanent and environmentally... Read more »

'When you run for president, you should be an open book.'

That’s Democratic Senate President Harry Reid talking about GOP Presidential candidate ¬†Mitt Romney’s refusal to release all his tax returns. Reid said that while defending his accusation that Romney “paid no income taxes for years.” (Check in Politco for an analysis of Reid’s attacks.) I agree. Romney should release his returns, if not just to... Read more »

Reid or Boehner plan?

Is it okay for Harry Reid to re-gift nuclear waste back to Illinois?

There are plenty of reasons for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to go, and not the least is the shafting that he is giving to Illinois and its electric utility customers. Reid effectively is blocking the completion of a safe, permanent storage facility for high-level radioactive waste deep under Yucca Mountain in Nevada, leaving... Read more »

Garrison Keillor, profiler

Garrison Keillor, stereotypemeister, suggests that “tea partyers” are so far out of the mainstream that their “paranoid hallucinations of the right” prompts them to ignore the “great heaps of dead bodies [in Haiti that] are moved by front-end loaders and dumped, uncounted, unidentified, into openpits in a stricken country while people feast and walk treadmills on enormous cruise... Read more »

Trickster Durbin might fudge rules to pass health care

Tricky Dickie Durbin has been well-known to change his mind (witness his jump from being pro-life to pro-choice), so this last brain-bender shouldn’t be a surprise. He said today that he’s willing to go back on his word not to break legislative rules to push through Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Durbin health care. The strategy, described by here, would deploy the... Read more »

Blago emerges, again

Now here’s a creative way to get some attention when no one is paying you any: Apologize for some offense that no one noticed. Blagojevich must have noticed all the press that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got for saying something some people considered to be offensive about President Barack Obama.Reid’s offense and his subsequent... Read more »

Durbin fails Illinois

Where’s Sen. Dick Durbin when you need him? While other senators were making gravy for their states in exchange for supporting health care legislation, Durbin parlayed his job as Democratic whip, the second most powerful party job in the Senate, into, well, nothing for his home state of Illinois. By providing the necessary 60th vote... Read more »

More items from the good news department:

In addition to Mark Buehrle’s perfect game for the White Sox, we’re glad to report these items: Jump in home sales fuels jump in stock market. Best sales month since November. Read here. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said there will be no Senate vote on health care for months, saving the country from a... Read more »
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