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Do you think Obama can spell potato?

Jeez, Mr. President, as commander-in-chief you at least should know how to pronounce “corpsman.” It’s not “corpseman” like you said, not just once. It’s core-man. Maybe they ought to put pronunciation guides on your TelePrompTer. Or maybe they already do, but figured that any idiot should know how to pronounced corpsman.  Take a look:    

Garrison Keillor, profiler

Garrison Keillor, stereotypemeister, suggests that “tea partyers” are so far out of the mainstream that their “paranoid hallucinations of the right” prompts them to ignore the “great heaps of dead bodies [in Haiti that] are moved by front-end loaders and dumped, uncounted, unidentified, into openpits in a stricken country while people feast and walk treadmills on enormous cruise... Read more »

Haiti 'Overdue' for Major Hurricane

As if that desperate country doesn’t have enough problems, AccuWeather has this warning: It is not common for a major hurricane to hit Haiti, but the Caribbean nation is This is the storm track of 1963’s Hurricane Flora, which brought heavy rainfall and flooding to Haiti. Crops, buildings and trees were also severely damaged in... Read more »

Chicago: Help send Rotary ShelterBoxes to Haiti

It seems that everyone has a way to contribute to help Haiti earthquake victims. Here’s mine: Rotary International’s ShelterBox program. ShelterBoxes are specifically designed for disasters when food, water, medicine and shelter are the most important and immediate needs, as they are in Haiti. The box also provides dignity for the victims who are left... Read more »

Haiti's agony, in videos

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