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UPDATE: Chicago's most ignored military veterans' landmark finally draws some attention...

But for the wrong reason. (This is an UPDATE on my earlier Tribune and ChicagoNow column on the landmark building at 400 S. Jefferson to be occupied by Sara Lee.) Leave it to Chicago landmark preservationists to start pumping for landmark status for 400 S. Jefferson for the most precious of  (but mistaken) reasons. This... Read more »

Illinois government workers paid better than private sector workers

This is a hotly debated subject with both sides of this fight presenting their own studies. This latest one comes from the Illinois Policy Institute, a free-market think tank. Among its key findings: Compensation per state government employee averaged $69,500, which is 23 percent more than the private sector worker average of $56,500. Much of... Read more »

Greg Hinz feels sorry for Democrats...

Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias took a senior position at the Broadway Bank at about the same time and used it as a launching pad for his political career. (Tribune photo by Nancy Stone / March 2, 2010) Because of the party’s U.S. Senate nominee, Alexi Giannouliasse. Seems that the voters are getting a little... Read more »

Will Daley hang it up?

Chicago’s next mayor? Here is a fascinating column by veteran political reporter Greg Hinz speculating that Daley might decide to retire if he doesn’t nail down the 2016 Olympics. If he does, who would fill his shoes? Greg has an intriguing list of possibles. Heading the list is (gulp) Rahm Emanuel.
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