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Eisenhower H.S. in Blue Island to let student sit during Pledge of Allegiance

Sitting during a patriotic event has become a turn-on for the self-righteous. I don’t know if NFL San Fransisco 49ers quarterback  49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started it when he refused to stand during the pre-game playing of the National Anthem. Then Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane joined in, saying he will continue to sit during the Anthem in support of Kaepernick. Then Seahawks players... Read more »

NBC's Brian Williams' stunning ignorance about Catholics, evolution and the Big Bang

NBC News anchor Brian Williams turns himself into an idiot when he tries to tell his viewers that Pope Francis said something new and different about creation, evolution and the Big Bang. He reported that the pope made “a surprising theological statement” when he said the church is open to the theories of evolution and the Big... Read more »

Sen. Dick Durbin: What's not in the Democratic platform doesn't matter

Funny how Democrats had no trouble dragging out the Republican platform last week, pointing to this and that clause as self-evident proof of GOP hatred of women, etc. But when Sen. Dick Durbin is asked why the 2012 Democratic platform eliminates prior mentions of God and  Jerusalem, he says, in effect, that it doesn’t matter... Read more »

Hateful atheist billboards target Christians and Mormons

Democrats at their national convention in Charlotte, N.C., will be able to feast their eyes on nasty billboards posted by American Atheists ridiculing Christians and Mormons. In a press release posted on the group’s website, the group said that today it unveiled the organization’s newest billboard campaign, which exposes the foolishness of religion in the... Read more »
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