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Obama stiffs Chicago

Obama to Daley: You’re on your own, Richie Alas, President Barack Obama has decided that he wouldn’t do Chicago’s bidding by personally going to  Copenhagen to lobby for the city on the eve of the final decision about who gets the 2016 Olympics. A high Olympic official earlier said Obama’s absence would be noted (not... Read more »

Burris, Jackson among "15 most corrupt"

Update, Wednesday, Sept. 16 (AP) — The House ethics committee said Wednesday it will put off for now an expanded investigation into whether Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. or his representatives tried to buy President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat. The story is here: Comment: Circle the wagons. Protect your own. ———————————————————————————————- Sen. Roland Burris... Read more »

Oprah's ego run amok

The announcement that Oprah’s television season debut show will shut down N. Michigan Avenue for a couple of days, and Mayor Richard M. Daley’s reaction that he  thinks it’s wunnerful is another sign of just how goofy this city can get. (The story is here.) As if North Michigan Avenue, one of the nation’s premier... Read more »

Mr. Obama's excellent holiday

Obama’s health care dream, beached on Martha’s Vineyard Hear that? The sweet sound of silence. For a week, we’ve heard practically nothing from President Barack Obama. Well, almost nothing. A few good words for the departed Sen. Ted Kennedy, a few comments to the press about the economy. But a week without daily appearances at... Read more »

City's inspector general quits to run for U.S. senate seat as a Democrat

Now we’re talking. Chicago’s Inspector General David Hoffman, who has been a giant pain in Mayor Daley’s ass, has resigned to enter the Democratic primary. Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman Fran Spielman, the Chicago Sun-Times superb Silly Hall reporter and columnist suggest that this could be a plus for Daley, by getting Hoffman, who has... Read more »

One reason to eliminate the death penalty

“Cameron Todd Willingham case: Expert says fire for which father was executed was not arson,” Chicago Tribune After you read the story, there’s not much else to say.

Go ahead, blame Chicago

President Barack Obama’s Chicago advisers are taking it on the chin for the Obama golfs while health care reform goes up in smoke? weakening of public support for the health care upheaval that Democrats want to impose on Americans. Joseph L Galloway, a McClatchy Newspapers columnist, was angry, indeed, that health-care reform is on “life... Read more »

Oak Park is no place for speech that gays don't like

Every time a parent complains about a reading list that requires a child to read a book the Buzz Cafe parent finds objectionable, there’s a hue and cry about censorship. “We should be able to listen to every point of view,” free speech advocates say, and indeed they’re right. (Although it’s a different matter when... Read more »

Shedding light on those "death panels"

OK, let’s stipulate that anyone who passionately opposes America’s Affordable HB 3200. The first of 1017 pages Health Choices Act is an easily manipulated blockhead. Now that we’ve got the name-calling out of the way, maybe we can look at what the legislation — House Bill 3200 — actually says about those “death panels” that... Read more »

Obama: More promises, more BS

In his weekly radio address on Saturday, President Barack Obama promised that the new health care law would contain a provision that limits the amount that insurance companies can charge annually for out-of-pocket costs such as co-pays and deductibles. He also has promised that the so-called public option in which the government would compete against... Read more »
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