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I don't care about the Oscars

Or to put it more directly: The Oscars? I don’t give a crap. They’re a bore. A self-absorbed exercise. Phony. Nonetheless, we’re getting treated to the annual ponderous and flagellating analysis about the real meaning of the Oscar nominations. as if what Hollywood voting for what it likes about Hollywood is worth our time. The... Read more »

Be honest: Did you look up Marilyn Monroe's skirt?

“Forever Marilyn,” the giant-size  sculpture by New Jersey-based artist Seward Johnson of the “glamour girl” movie star has achieved it’s purposes: Stir things up, draw  some attention to the artist and the city, make some people laugh and make some people growl. All while allowing voyeurs to get their jollies. It’s also another reminder of how... Read more »

Dump Chicago Code, but keep Ald. Ronin Gibbons

Delroy Lindo as Ald. Gibbons on the Chicago Code I’ve been of two minds about Fox TV’s “Chicago Code. and the last-ditch effort by its Chicago fans to save the now-cancelled series. Jennifer Beals–NO The female Chicago police superintendent (Teresa Colvin, played by Jennifer Beals) is ludicrous, and the singular importance of her side-kick, Dectective Jerek... Read more »

Oprah, just go, why don't ya?

( Michael Tercha, Chicago Tribune / May 17, 2011 ) Oprah Winfrey hugs Tyler Perry while taping the second of two “Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular” episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show at the United Center. Maybe, I thought, I was the only one turned off by the self-adulating excesses surrounding Oprah Winfrey’s departure from... Read more »

Ferrell as Bush: Not close to funny anymore.

From Will Ferrell, whose guest appearances on The Office have demonstrated that he could singlehandedly shut down the popular situation comedy, comes a threadbare parody of President George W. Bush. When will these fools get some new material? Bush reading US magazine while on the toilet? Sophomoric. 

Oprah to tape celeb-filled farewell show at United Center

Ho-hum If you’re interested, the story is here.

Why is Dwight Schrute The Office's top salesman?

    Would you buy a used car from this man? Would you buy a ream of paper from this man–Dwight Schrute? For me, this is the big unanswered question that the great writers of the acclaimed TV show “The Office” haven’t answered. We have heard occasionally that Schrute is the best salesman in The... Read more »

The public broadcasting scam

The public broadcasting scam
As the battle over taxpayer funding of public broadcasting heats up, the esteemed Newton Minow weighs in with this defense of public television and radio: As a nation, we support public broadcasting for the same reasons that we support public libraries, public parks, public schools and public hospitals. Why public libraries when we have bookstores?... Read more »

Pure Joy: 3-year-old conducts Beethoven's Fifth

Something to cheer up your Monday morning: Watch closely as this three-year-old boy conducts his imaginary orchestra. He has the beat down almost perfectly, and cues the wind section and first violins at the exact right time. Inspiring.  The video has gone viral, but I had to post it because it brought me such joy.

"Chicago Code" Fakery

  An alderman running Chicago? That’s what we’re supposed to believe when we’re watching Fox’s new cop show, “Chicago Code.” That might sound plausible to Hollywood, but it makes it hard for us to watch. Especially when how Chicago really operates is a lot more entertaining.  Chicago Code, which I assume is its take on the... Read more »
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