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My prediction: both the 49ers and the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl

Or, contrary-wise, both will lose. This makes as much sense as the New York Times “endorsing” both  Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts for the Democratic presidential nomination. During my 15 years as a member of the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board, it never occurred to us to endorse two people. That... Read more »

'Warren’s Assault on Retiree Wealth"

“Her vision of ‘accountable capitalism’ would destroy savings built over a lifetime—and sink the economy.” This Wall Street Journal piece is a must read for my retired friends who depend on the 401ks to provide a safe and secure life in their old age. The explanation: [Elizabeth Warren’s] “Accountable Capitalism Act” would wipe out the single greatest... Read more »

While we're dumping the Electoral College, let's chuck the states too

Why not? Ultimately the reason we have an Electoral College is to give additional voice to the states. Meaning to the citizens of small states so they’re not overwhelmed by the big ones. And so, we also need to dump the U.S. Senate, because like the Electoral College, it’s another American institution that gives states–the small ones–an... Read more »

Must watch: Marco Rubio eloquently responds to Elizabeth Warren's rant

I guess you have to read the conservative publications and posts to have seen this. It is Sen. Marco Rubio’s eloquent response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s personal attack against attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. It came after Democrats, echoed by left-leaning media, blow their tops over what they variously called Republican censorship of Warren.  Repeating the... Read more »
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