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Should suburbanites be able to vote for Chicago's mayor?

  I think I want to vote in Chicago’s mayor election, even though I live in the suburbs. Why not? Now that the Illinois Supreme Court has determined to intending to live in the city can help you get on the ballot, why isn’t it good enough for me to become a Chicago voter? See,... Read more »

Will Illinois Supreme Court restore Rahm Emanuel to the ballot?

Good question. Greg Hinz makes an interesting point:   But the matter — probably quickly — is now headed to the Illinois Supreme Court. There, perhaps the swing vote may be held by Justice Anne Burke, wife of Chicago Alderman Ed Burke (14th), who has endorsed another candidate: Gery Chico. That would suggest a political decision... Read more »

The high irony of Rahm Emanuel's getting booted off ballot.

Every Illinois election law has one purpose: to protect incumbents and insiders from challenges by interlopers, independents and anyone that nobody sent. Outsiders of whatever stripe usually have to meet higher standards to get on the ballot, compared with advantages typically given to the established.  Thus, a fairly straightforward provision in Chicago election law, clearly... Read more »

OMG! Court says Rahm Emanuel can't be on the mayoral ballot

Talk about throwing everything up for grabs. The frontrunner, who is closing in on the majority vote that would give him the victory, is told by an Illinois Appellate Court that he does not meet the residency requirement and therefore can be on the ballot. Next comes the Illinois Supreme Court, controlled by Democrats. Could... Read more »

Does Chicago need a "nice" mayor or a hard guy?

( Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune / January 13, 2011 ) A strong field: Chicago mayoral candidates Miguel del Valle, from left, Rahm Emanuel, Carol Moseley Braun and Gery Chico make their first appearance as a foursome Friday to field questions from the Chicago Tribune editorial board. How’s this for irony? In the rough and tumble... Read more »

Carol Moseley Braun brings the circus to town

But where are the clowns?      Quick, send in the clowns. Don’t bother, they’re here. -Lyrics from “Send in the Clowns,” by Stephen Sondheim The Chicago mayoral race threatened to become a boring seminar on issues until Carol Moseley Braun showed up as the “consensus” African American candidate. From that exact moment, veteran political observers... Read more »

Is this why Braun wanted to keep her finances secret?

The Chicago Sun-Times provides some insight with this story about Carol Moseley Braun’s dismal handling of her own finances. The story, “Moseley Braun’s financial angel” details her travails. Maybe she thought that the $15,561 in income in 2009, presumably from her struggling business, would be an embarrassing disclosure for someone who wants to run the... Read more »

What mayoral candidates are saying about Chicago's financial disaster: Not enough.

So, now that the Chicago Board of Elections will allow Rahm Emanuel‘s name to be on the mayoral ballot, we can — as some candidates have been urging — start talking about The Real Issues. Great, then let’s begin with the city’s dismal financial condition. It is the linchpin to the city’s success or failure. None of the... Read more »

Is Daley Chicago's George W. Bush?

Will Mayor Richard M. Daley become Chicago’s own version of former President George W. Bush? The guy who gets blamed for everything bad that has happened? Could be. As the campaign to succeed Daley unfolds, it’s becoming apparent the strongest candidates — or at least the most credible ones — are campaigning on a platform of fixing Chicago’s... Read more »

Yikes! Petitions filed for Burris run for mayor!

Is this a joke?  Nope. The story is here. Don’t you think that there already are enough black stalking horses in the race? Why is another one needed to further split the African-American vote for the sake of Rahm Emanuel? Burris says he knows of the petitions being filed on his behalf, and–unbelievably–hasn’t yet said... Read more »
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