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Man arrested 65 times; why isn't he in the slammer

Can this be true? Unless he was found innocent 65 times (the story doesn’t say), we can presume that he is a menace to everyone he meets. The story is as mystifying as why this time bomb is walking the streets. His criminal record includes charges of aggravated assault with a weapon, robbery, reckless conduct... Read more »

Nominee for the dumbest criminal award

Chicago Tribune: ID was no problem: Victims knew robbery suspect for years

Disclose the race of flash mob victims and attackers.

Disclose the race of flash mob victims and attackers.
  A group of young men who say they were attacked Tuesday evening stand with police at Chicago and Wabash avenues. (Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune)   Chicago media must identify the race of the aggressors and victims in “flash mob” attacks.  There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? You’d think it was from all the... Read more »

Alvarez moves on the Vaneko case, but it's not nearly enough

Only a federal investigation is acceptable.     Finally some official action on the death of a young man at the hands of a relative of Richard M. and Bill Daley. The Sun-Times, which has been pursuing this, reported: Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez asked the Illinois State Police on Thursday to investigate the... Read more »

Daley, Ald. Lyle get it absolutely right on neighborhood violence.

Mayor Daley presides over the City Council this morning, the day after his retirement. (José M. Osorio/Tribune) Items from words-that-dare-not-be-spoken Department: Maybe it took Mayor Richard M. Daley to announced his retirement to express the kind of outrage that he did today. He’s fed up with neighborhoods that refuse to cooperate with the police whenever... Read more »

"Working" with Chicago gangs: Does the name Jeff Fort ring a bell?

Needs no caption
Seems some Chicago punks are cross with Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis for reportedly telling them that he would enforce the law against them. Imagine the nerve of Weis. The Traveling Vice Lords, Four Corner Hustlers and other idiots held a press conference to censure Weis for calling some gang leaders together and threatening to... Read more »

Eric Zorn and I duke it out over urban violence--on Wednesday

My column doesn’t appear in the Chicago Tribune today because I’ve entered Tribune columnist Eric Zorn’s rhubarb patch on Wednesday to debate the causes and solutions to urban violence. With three cops killed in two months and on Monday night a raging gun battle at a CTA bus turnaround will Chicago become known as Bagdad... Read more »

Ald. Solis on how to protect witnesses who report crime

Danny Solis Nearly everyone agrees: One of the best ways to stem the violence terrorizing some Chicago neighborhoods is to protect witnesses who report crimes. Ald. Danny Solis (25) has an idea that sounds pretty good: use the Internet. The Chicago News Cooperative describes his idea and other hi-tech ways to provide witnesses some sense... Read more »

Rapist had a "bad childhood"

He raped and killed 11 women, but the jury spared him the death penalty. Why? Because: Defense lawyers argued against the death penalty and testimony centered on how Crawford was allegedly abused by family as a child…. The two holdout jurors declined to speak to reporters afterward, and their fellow jury members refused to identify... Read more »