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Nancy Pelosi is an "awful women"

Watch to the end and you might agree “what a horrible woman she is.”

Climate Skeptic's Notebook II

Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal nails it with his analysis of the dogmatic environmentalists that have gathered in Hopenhagen. Environmentalists doing the wave in Copenhagen. Just kidding. But the like-mindedness of the climate change delegates sure has the feel of a wave. Here’s a partial rundown of some of the ills seriously attributed... Read more »

The Climate Skeptic's Notebook

The EPA declares carbon dioxide a dangerous pollutant. Do you think it has anything to do with the climate summit and politics? Perish the thought. (Here) Inhofe: Climategate reveals failty science supporting EPA endangerment finding.

Copenhagen scorecard: 1,200 limos, 5 hybrids

In this file photo steam pours into the air from cooling towers at Eggborough coal-fired Power Station in England. Ahead of the Copenhagen climate summit, the EU is trying to get its form of “cap-and-trade” carbon trading scheme adopted around the world as a key weapon against carbon emissions.–AP Anyone curious about what kind of... Read more »

Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid falls to anti-Americanism

So, Chicagoans and Americans, what do you think of world opinion now? After pandering to world opinion, America got the shiv from the bozos voting at the International Olympic Committee. President Barack Obama, who was thought to bring in a new day of more congenial international relations after former President George W. Bush and who... Read more »

What Americans think about the 2016 Olympics in Chicago

Americans are evenly divided on the importance of Chicago winning the 2016 Olympics while 43 percent think it’s a bad idea for President Obama to go to Copenhagen to make pitch for the city. Whether Obama should travel there to support Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid has been batted back and forth even in the White... Read more »

Chicago pulling away in Olympics bid

According to British bookmakers, Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid was pulling away in the last hours as the clear but not overwhelming favorite over Rio, with Madrid and Tokyo lagging. The Associated Press story is here.

Tokyo's case for the 2016 Olympics

Tokyo is arguing that it deserves to get the Olympics because it  has the most compact set up, the most experience and will be the best stage for the world’s athletes. The details are in an Associated Press story here. The city also said: Although public support for Tokyo’s Olympic bid started off slowly, it... Read more »

The Olympics skinny

Here’s some good background on the upcoming Olympic selection events in Copenhagen. How do you think that  Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard (right) will get along with our Lord Mayor Richie Daley? In this Associated Press photo, she is seen attending the eco-premiere of the environmental documentary “The Age Of Stupid” during climate week on... Read more »

Duncan to Copenhagen

The Associated Press reports that Arne Duncan, Education Secretary and former boss of the Chicago Public Schools, also will be pitching the Olympics in Copenhagen. He’ll join first lady Michelle Obama and Oprah. Who’s next? And do we really want someone who headed Chicago public schools to press Chicago’s case when the city’s schools are... Read more »
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