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A response to the LGBT anti-religion bigots

OK, now it’s religion’s turn. People of faith who assert their rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act enacted by Indiana have been pilloried as bigots, haters or worse. Headlines blared that the act legalized homophobia. That Indiana passed a “hate law.” A television reporter traveled miles to sniff out someone, anyone, who would dare... Read more »

Obama, Democrats are acting like idiots on immigration reform

President Barack Obama’s decision to unconstitutionally enact his own immigration reform will come back to haunt Democrats for a long time. Sooner or later Republicans will occupy the White House, and if Obama is successful, a future GOP president might cite Obama’s precedent to enact his own power grab. Think not? Then Democrats should consider... Read more »

Would President Obama launch a drone attack on U.S. soil?

Who would have thought that within President Barack Obama beats the heart of a civil rights antediluvian? Could Obama, beloved of the American Civil Liberties Union, be guilty of harboring thoughts of calling down a fatal drone attack on an American citizen on U.S. soil without benefit of trial? I never heard him say so.... Read more »

Michael Moore's 15 minutes

A As the Examiner noted: Last night on Piers Morgan, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore suggested that if the founders knew about modern weaponry they would probably have supported more gun control. Moore noted that when the founders wrote the Constitution, they had guns that took 15 minutes to load a firearm that could fire one... Read more »

Let's dump on Christians

From the far and not so far left comes a concerted attack on the religious choices of presidential candidates. Belief in  the Second Coming of Christ and Armageddon now are considered to be warning signs of dangerous candidates. I thought we settled this issue with the election of John F. Kennedy. During his presidential campaign... Read more »

Obama's religion? Not our business.

Too much is being made of President Barack Obama’s religious beliefs. Or whether he has them. Is he Chrisitan or Muslim? Does he practice his religion? Why hasn’t he picked a church in Washinton D.C. where he is a regular congregant? What do Americans think his religion is? This has gone way overboard. It reminds... Read more »

Tribune editorial, teachers unions and Civic Committee head weigh in on...Dennis Byrne

Dennis Byrne Yes, I too was surprised. It stems from a Tribune column in which I reported a legal opinion that the Illinois public employee pension benefits might not be as secure as commonly thought. The opinion, written by the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin, argues that the state constitution does not guarantee that the... Read more »

Why doesn't Obama sue DuPage County for enforcing immigration laws?

If it is unconstitutional and odious for state and local cops to enforce federal immigration laws, then why hasn’t the Obama administration sued dozens of Chicago collar counties and towns to stop them from doing it? Suburban counties and some major suburbs here check the immigration status of anyone who has been booked, even for... Read more »

While Chicago debates whether you can have a gun in your home, Virginia passes a law allowing you to carry one into a bar

No kidding. Here’s the story, and here’s the applicable language (new wording is highlighted) from the actual law: J3. No person shall carry who carries a concealed handgun onto the premises of any restaurant or club as defined in §4.1-100 for which a license to sell and serve alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption has been granted by the Virginia... Read more »

The Second Amendment Stands: Now What for Chicago?

Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune / June 22, 2010 Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley talks about guns during his announcement of three new programs to help students from at risk communities to deal with violence, at a press conference in Chicago. Whatever you might think of the Supreme Court striking down Chicago’s handgun ban, it’s hard... Read more »
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