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Boston Red Sox 4, Chicago White Sox 1

No, that’s not the real score; the two teams weren’t playing. That’s the relative amount of space that the Chicago Tribune gave to each team in its Sunday print sports section. A story and pictures about what the Boston Red Sox can teach the Chicago Cubs took up two full pages (called a double truck in the business)... Read more »

Say what? The White Sox are in first place

Well, tied for first anyway. For  the moment. They’re not supposed to be there; the spotlight is on the Cubs. Obsessively so. Maybe its just a measure of how weak the AL Central is. Or how competitive it is. Anyway, I just thought that I should point this out, because it’s been over shadowed by... Read more »

The Cubs are looking like the White Sox

While watching (and cheering for) the Chicago Cubs last night in the MLB National League Championship Series , I felt the same frustration that I felt this year watching my White Sox play. No offense when it counted, as if they never faced a major league pitcher before.  Zero runs scored in two games. Jeez,... Read more »

Should White Sox fans be offended because a Cubs' castoff is the next manager?

Maybe. The hiring of Cub’s castoff Rick Renteria to replace manager Robin Ventura  feels like an  ultimate admission that the White Sox are the second (if that) MLB team in town–something that the franchise has been fighting for decades, even before the arrival of the present ownership headed by Jerry M. Reinsdorf. That’s a perception that was... Read more »

White Sox coaches, keep your hands off Tim Anderson

A true phenom, Tim Anderson is. Coming up from the minors, he has been dazzling as a hitter, fielder and runner. How long that will last under the guidance of the White Sox coaching staff is anyone’s guess. Coaches, don’t teach him how to bat, including the inevitable effort to “tweak” his swing. Don’t teach... Read more »

The White Sox' problem is that stupid 100-pitch rule

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. — Proverb. With all of the attention directed at White Sox manager Robin Ventura for the team’s recent slide from first place into the depths of despair, I’m looking for something larger: It’s that  Major League Baseball’s stupid  unwritten rule that a starting pitch... Read more »

The Chicago Tribune's Bernie Lincicome is the sports world's best wordsmith

In the cacophony of voices in the nation’s assorted sports pages, it’s easy to overlook the best wordsmith: The Chicago Tribune’s Bernie Lincicome. Too often he is played inside. Here are some samples of his writing: Contemplating the possibility that Chicago would produce not just one, but two Major League Baseball winners, Lincicome had this to... Read more »

The true Chicago White Sox fan hates the New York Yankees more than the Cubs

For years, the conventional wisdom in Chicago has been that the true White Sox fan hates the Cubs. The myth has been conjured up and reinforced by media writers whose historic experience with the two teams falls somewhat short of reality. Here’s the reality: The true Chicago White Sox fan hates the New York Yankees more... Read more »

Chicago baseball fans deserve a Cubs-White Sox subway World Series

Not only do Chicago baseball fans deserve a Cubs-White Sox subway World Series, but they need to demand one. Here are two of Major League Baseball’s oldest, legacy teams and in their entire history, they’ve only met once in a World Series once. Just once! Inexcusable. That was in 1907, when, incidentally, the Sox–known as... Read more »

Cubs fans, take a pill

While the oddsmakers are making the Chicago Cubs the favorite to win the world series (!!!!), the betting line on whether Cubs fans will get through the season without suffering massive coronaries isn’t so favorable. Cubs fans will need to take a pill to get through the season. Dan Widerer, a Chicago Tribune sportswriter,  put it... Read more »
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