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Rep. Gutierrez' rigged succession: it's the Chicago Way

“[There is] no quid pro quo,” — Rep. Luis Gutierrez’ denial that there was a secret, backroom deal behind his sudden, surprising retirement from  his congressional seat and endorsement of Jesus “Chuy” Garcia as his successor. Oh, sure. That’ll rank right up there in Chicago political lore with the late Mayor Richard J. Daley’s famously absurd assertion that, “There... Read more »

They're picking on poor Rex Huppke

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke has revealed in a clever piece that  conservative, right-wing, Republican meanies are sending nasty notes to him because he writes liberal opinion pieces. As if conservatives were the only ones who strike out at columnists they don’t agree with. Apparently talking about all the mean mail he gets is one of Rex’s regular... Read more »

My turn to be a Chicago media critic

And why not? My experience as a Chicago journalist is long and varied. It dates back to 1965 when I was hired by the late lamented Chicago Daily News, starting out on the midnight shift (before women were allowed) writing about  crime. There I also was the urban affairs reporter and assistant financial editor. When the... Read more »

Boston Red Sox 4, Chicago White Sox 1

No, that’s not the real score; the two teams weren’t playing. That’s the relative amount of space that the Chicago Tribune gave to each team in its Sunday print sports section. A story and pictures about what the Boston Red Sox can teach the Chicago Cubs took up two full pages (called a double truck in the business)... Read more »

Mike Royko exposes huge pro-choice lie

With the coming 20th anniversary of legendary Chicago columnist Mike Royko’s death on April 29, there have been an eruption of well-deserved memoirs and homages. However, none that I could find recalled his double-barrel blast at a leading abortion provider for lying “through his teeth” when he denied the use of a practice called of partial birth... Read more »

Another reason the right hates the media

In a Chicago Tribune story, “Immigration grabs Capitol Hill spotlight,” Joseph Tanfani writes about the Center for Immigration Studies, NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform: With [attorney general nominee Jeff] Sessions  posed to be an influential voice on immigration policy in the Trump administration, these formerly fringe groups have their best chance yet... Read more »

The worst, mostly politically biased story I remember seeing is in the Chicago Tribune

I’ve worked for the Chicago Tribune (former contribution op-ed columnist) and I get no pleasure from pointing this out. The story in question is: “Did voter ID laws hurt election turnout? Look at Milwaukee” The story suggests, implies, concludes (whatever) that, “Yes. The poor and minorities were hurt by the Wisconsin law that requires some form... Read more »

Great journalism about Chicago's parks in the Chicago Tribune

The good thing about this story (“In Jackson Park, private money begins to reshape a public jewel,” by Kathy Bergen) is that it isn’t the exception, but rather typical of the Chicago Tribune’s efforts to bring its readers some top-notch journalism. This exploration of the issues facing the Chicago parks excels in several respects: It’s news:... Read more »

What would Abe Lincoln think of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

I thought about writing about 10 reasons Abe Lincoln would roll over in his grave if he was here today to witness Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. But I haven’t. Because it takes the kind of simple-minded arrogance for  Andrew Feinberg in a Chicago Tribune op-ed  (“10 reasons Abe Lincoln would roll over... Read more »

CNBC's stock analyst Jim Cramer rips Tribune Publishing's Michael Ferro in Gannett take-over battle

CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer ripped Tribune Publishing’s boss Michael Ferro a new one for rebuffing Gannett’s generous (really generous) bid to buy Tribune Publishing, which owns the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. Cramer, who never hesitates to add boneheaded corporate owners and bosses to his “wall of shame” goes... Read more »
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