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Where have I been?

Some (or maybe a few, okay, or maybe one or two) regular subscribers to the Barbershop may be wondering where I’ve been. I haven’t been posting regularly or frequently because I have been involved in a rush book editing job and earlier I had some health problems. (Everything is just ducky now.) I intend to... Read more »

How to scare the bejabbers out of liberals and make money doing it

Who will end up owning the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and other newspapers in the Tribune Company’s chain is making for a lot of speculative news stories. The idea that the despised conservative billionaires Koch brothers and the almost as despised Rupert Murdoch might buy the newspapers has the left all a twit. For... Read more »

Rupert Murdoch to buy Chicago Tribune?

Tribune Co., the bankrupt owner of the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and six other daily newspapers, is interviewing bankers about selling its papers, according to two people with knowledge of the matter, reports Bloomberg. Said the news service: The company’s owners are seeking an adviser for a possible sale after Tribune Co. exits bankruptcy, which is slated to happen... Read more »

Gang bang: Tribune letter writers condemn my global warming column

The condemnation in the Tribune’s Voice of the People was unanimous. Not a single letter of support. My column (Global warming alarmists piss on science) was “surly and ungracious.” It was “shoddy logic and loaded language.” …ax-grinding, spleen-venting….” “embarrassing and recklesss.” None, however, address the central point of the column. It challenges as unscientific the... Read more »

Pat Moore: A role model for women journalists

Patricia Moore, a long-time reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Daily News is acclaimed for breaking ground for women journalists when their presence in the newsroom was a rare thing. At her memorial service on Saturday, talented younger journalists, like Cindy Richards and Suzy Schultz, didn’t hold back their praise for making possible their... Read more »

Why the Sun-Times stopped endorsing judges years ago

As the March primary election approaches, sadly we’ll have one less place to look for thoughtful endorsements of political candidates. The Sun-Times announced last month that it has decided to stop endorsing candidates. Some years ago, the Sun-Times had already stopped endorsing judges–possibly the most useful endorsements that the Sun-Times or Tribune made because so... Read more »

Hallelujah! Chicagoans (not Brits) buy Chicago Sun-Times!

Chicago for decades had enjoyed the honorific of being America’s “best newspaper town.” That was until foreigners and out-of-towners gained control of the Chicago Sun-Times. Now, with the new ownership, not a Brit, Australian or Canadian is in sight, and glory be to God for that. A parade of foreign owners, publishers and editors has... Read more »

Media react to health bill passage

Some editorial writers and commentators stayed up late Sunday night to write their reflections  about the House passage of the health care legislation. Here is a sampling:  Chicago Tribune: Victory, but at what cost? Fix it.  Wall Street Journal: The Doctors of the House: A landmark of liberal governance whose price will be very steep.... Read more »

Me, the Tribune and carp

Dead fish float at the surface at the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal during the Asian Carp Rapid Response Project to prevent carp from entering Lake Michigan. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources launched an unprecedented fish kill by dumping gallons of the toxin rotenone into the canal. (Tribune photo by William DeShazer / December... Read more »

Trib, Sun-Times circulation drop

With this kind of serious and continuing plunge in circulation, isn’t it time that newspapers stop giving away their product for free? Yes, I know, this isn’t what ChicagoNow is about, and it wouldn’t be good news for us bloggers who depend mightily on newspaper resources to carry on our jabbering. But maybe newspapers should... Read more »
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