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The real reason for the Chicago Teachers Union strike against the students

At first, the Chicago Teachers Union said that the one-day walkout on Friday, April 1, was because its members were getting shafted by the Chicago Public School system. Shafted, as in being asked to shoulder some of the efforts to keep CPS’ from falling into bankruptcy. Then, gee, someone must have realized that depriving students... Read more »

Chicago teachers: You're not being asked to take a 7 percent 'pay cut'

That  seven perrcent will still be yours. It will go to fund your pension. But that seven percent “pay cut in disguise” baloney is being spread around by the Chicago Teachers Union BSers as a way to fire up their sheep, so they will walk out on their students. Chicago Teachers Union BSers get to show... Read more »

Should Illinois take over Chicago Public Schools?

Gov. Bruce Rauner thinks it’s a good idea. Here’s his logic, according to Mark Litton,of the Illinois News Network: Still, Rauner insists that when the true costs of keeping CPS afloat without a state intervention becomes clear, citizens will pressure state lawmakers to intervene on their behalf rather than see their taxes go up. “You... Read more »

Greedy Chicago Teachers Union rejects generous offer

They would get raises. They’d get layoff protections. They’d snuff out parents’ demand for more charter schools.   They might get a property tax increase (again) to help meet their demands. Yet, the Chicago Teachers Union rejected the better-than-it-should-have-been contract offer from the Chicago School System. (See my earlier post for the details of whatever... Read more »

Chicago SHOULD declare bankruptcy

For some analysts, bankruptcy would be a disaster for Chicago. For others, it would be impossible because it isn’t permitted (yet) by state law. But here’s a school of thought asserting that bankruptcy for Chicago (and Chicago Public Schools) is not only possible, but advisable. It is proposed by Center for Pension Integrity (CPI) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan... Read more »

Atlantic City may face bankruptcy; is Chicago next?

If the  Laquan McDonald police shooting scandal has a good side for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, it has taken the spotlight off the city’s and school’s march toward bankruptcy. It could be a problem that could end up being as, or more, vexing  than whatever emergency steps he’s trying to use to tamp down the police scandal.... Read more »

Chicago teachers should pay a fair share of their pensions

To rescue his city from utter financial collapse, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is resurrecting an old whine: You suburban and downstate folks are to blame, and now you have to fix it. Chicago is the state’s “economic engine,” he said in several appearances, as if that is reason enough for Illinois taxpayers to ship more than $800 million... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Union sends Chicago Public Schools "over the cliff"

“The CTU is negotiating a contract with the board and is willing to work with anyone, but these political appointments are telling us a lot about where the mayor is taking our schools, which is over a cliff.” — Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey commenting on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s appointment of Forrest Claypool as new CEO... Read more »

Chicago teachers cutting their own throats

In demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the  Chicago Public Schools fork over a $634 million contribution to Chicago’s teachers retirement fund, Chicago teachers are cutting their own throats. In one of the most amazing slights of hand yet seen in a city where hands move too fast to be seen, the $634 million appeared... Read more »

No raise for Chicago public school teachers...

and a tax increase for everyone else. It’s nut-cutting time for Chicago Public Schools. Chicago schools are in such a mess that the options are down to just a few, including, no raise for Chicago Public School teachers and a tax increase for everyone else. Even with that, bankruptcy could well be in the future... Read more »
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