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The Chicago Tribune's Bernie Lincicome is the sports world's best wordsmith

In the cacophony of voices in the nation’s assorted sports pages, it’s easy to overlook the best wordsmith: The Chicago Tribune’s Bernie Lincicome. Too often he is played inside. Here are some samples of his writing: Contemplating the possibility that Chicago would produce not just one, but two Major League Baseball winners, Lincicome had this to... Read more »

The true Chicago White Sox fan hates the New York Yankees more than the Cubs

For years, the conventional wisdom in Chicago has been that the true White Sox fan hates the Cubs. The myth has been conjured up and reinforced by media writers whose historic experience with the two teams falls somewhat short of reality. Here’s the reality: The true Chicago White Sox fan hates the New York Yankees more... Read more »

Chicago baseball fans deserve a Cubs-White Sox subway World Series

Not only do Chicago baseball fans deserve a Cubs-White Sox subway World Series, but they need to demand one. Here are two of Major League Baseball’s oldest, legacy teams and in their entire history, they’ve only met once in a World Series once. Just once! Inexcusable. That was in 1907, when, incidentally, the Sox–known as... Read more »

Cubs fans, take a pill

While the oddsmakers are making the Chicago Cubs the favorite to win the world series (!!!!), the betting line on whether Cubs fans will get through the season without suffering massive coronaries isn’t so favorable. Cubs fans will need to take a pill to get through the season. Dan Widerer, a Chicago Tribune sportswriter,  put it... Read more »

The ultimate pitiful World Series: Cubs vs Blue Jays

A friend from Canada brought to my attention the euphoria our northern neighbors are experiencing because that country’s only Major League Baseball Team–the Toronto Blue Jays–have made it to the MLB playoffs.Then he asked, perhaps tongue in cheek, “Not sure what other teams are in the hunt baseball wise. One from Chicago?”  Uh, yes. Which... Read more »

A Chicago Cubs song worth hearing

Below is a video of  a Chicago Cubs song that’s worth hearing. Even though I’ve been a Chicago White Sox fan for the past 65 years, it struck me as, well, nice. No sarcasm meant here. Joe Gates sent it to me with the note: This is for die hard Cubs fans, those of us... Read more »

Ernie Banks, Mr. Cub, thanks Gene Baker

Ernie Banks who died Friday (Jan. 23, 2015) is rightly and fondly remembered as Mr. Cub. He’s also hailed as the first African-American to play for the Chicago Cubs. Technically that’s correct. By three days. Gene Baker, another African-American player, would have taken the field on the same day as a Cub as Banks, if the... Read more »

A Chicago Cubs-White Sox World Series?

Why not? It would be the World Series of the Century, or more. It would restore the flagging interest in Major League Baseball. And what it would do for Chicago? Well…a lot. Maybe set off another War Between the North and the South. But mostly, it would be great! Not in my 72 years have... Read more »

Raze Wrigley Field

Here’s a guy–Cubs owner Tom Ricketts–who is willing to spend a half billion dollars of his own money to improve the beloved, but decrepit, Wrigley Field. But at every turn, he has been stymied by a band of Lilliputians, the latest being Mayor Rahm Emaunel, put off by not being the first to view the latest... Read more »

Cubs owner Ricketts' threat to move Cubs out of Wrigley Field is justified

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has good reason for  moving his National League baseball club out of Chicago’s Wrigley Field and into Rosemont or anywhere else. That includes to Nashville, Jacksonville or any other place that would be thrilled to have it. The blockheads in so-called Wrigleyville who would block the renovation of the oh-so-precious... Read more »
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