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A vote against Presence Health was a vote against African American women's health care

Before the final 31-18 vote Wednesday in which the Chicago City Council approved a $5.6 million tax subsidy for Presence Health a  to help pay for its downtown corporate headquarters, its opponents ripped it as a unforgivable assault on women’s health. Even though as part of the deal Presence would open desperately needed health clinics in four African... Read more »

GOP aimed to turn Congress into a version of the Chicago City Council

The Republican Party’s effort to gut the independent office that investigates and prosecutes congressional ethics violations has the distinct smell of Chicago aldermen who canned the Independent Legislative Inspector and his office that probed Chicago City Council ethics violations. As its first act and in secret, Republicans had planned to neuter the independent Office of... Read more »

Chicago should deregulate taxis instead of piling on Uber

Instead of making it tougher for Uber and Lyft drivers to operate,  Chicago should make it easier to drive a cab. Instead of imposing more onerous restrictions on the popular Uber and Lyft services, the City Council should lighten up on taxi regulations, making it easier for cabs to compete. Not to be in Chicago,... Read more »

Understanding Chicago’s approaching financial ruin

Explaining how Chicago came to teeter on the edge of inevitable financial ruin when its ability to borrow runs out and creditors start calling in their loans to the city is a complex story. But a friend gave me a link to an article that he described as “the best and bluntest overall assessment I’ve... Read more »

'Eat at Joe's' on Michigan Ave? Please. No.

The Chicago City Council is thinking about allowing big electronic signs on Michigan Ave. Stop. Don’t. Do tourists need flashing signs to find their way into those stores? I don’t think so; they come there to go to the stores. They also come there because of the ambiance. This is special interest legislation for a... Read more »

Chicago's goofy and false 'anti-torture' ordinance

Pat Hickey slices and dices the torture ban passed unanimously (who can be for torture?) by the City Council–supposedly the first such action by any American city, and doesn’t that make us proud.  Makes as much sense as the nuclear-free-zone ordinance. To those pushing such “symbolic” gestures, I hope it makes you feel better. It... Read more »

A pat on the back and a $200 check for good ol' Ald. Banks

Legendary newspaper columnist Mike Royko once said, during a debate about giving aldermen a pay raise, that if they aren’t smart enough to scam and steal sufficient money to live the high life, then they’re not smart enough to deserve a raise. But Ald. William J. P. Banks (36th) has taken the aldermanic art of... Read more »
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