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Respect Jay Cutler

Count me among the harshest critics of the Chicago Bears beleaguered quarterback, but Sunday we discovered that we must respect Jay Cutler. I take it all back. First, he played through a hamstring injury. I had hamstring injuries in both legs when I was in military basic training and it can be very painful. (Unlike... Read more »

Lay off Derrick Rose

As unaccustomed as I am to come to the defense of highly paid pro athletes, I have to gag on the goofy denunciations and condemnations of Chicago Bulls star guard Derrick Rose. The frequently injured  Rose (did he plan to hurt himself?) had the gall to tell reporters that he was thinking about his future.... Read more »

Let's give the Chicago Bears to Los Angeles

Amazing, when you think about it, but Los Angeles, the second largest market in America has no National Football League team. It’s complicated, but here’s a suggestion: Let’s send them the Chicago Bears. Considering the  Bears pathetic (that’s an understatement) and embarrassing loss on Sunday night before a national NBC television audience many of us... Read more »

This says it all about the Chicago Bears

I don’t know who created this, but it’s right on target.

Chicago Bears gift NFC North title to Green Bay Packers

The play Sunday that pretty much summed up the Chicago Bears’ sorry season was the fumble in the season’s final game that everyone stood around looking at until a Green Bay Packer picked up the live ball and ran for a touchdown. Hasn’t every football player from the first time on the field taught that... Read more »

Poll: Will Jay Cutler match Josh McCown's 300-yard game?

UPDATE: Cutler fell short of the 300-yard mark. Here are Cutler’s stats: Passing: 31 attempts, 22 completions. Three touchdowns, two interceptions, including one in the end zone. Rating: 102.2. Still not on a par with McCown, I’d say. Whether there’d be a different game outcome, who’s to say? ############################### (Original post): No way will the NFL Chicago Bears‘... Read more »

The Chicago Bears should not have played Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler should not have  started the game and once in, he should have be pulled. Sticking with him cost the Bears the lead in the NFL Central Division. I got the sense that he was playing because he was on an ego trip and the head coach Marc Trestman didn’t want to offend. Or something.... Read more »

Da Bears or the presidential debate?

Or, as my daughter Kati, called the possible choice: Da Bate. That’s a tough choice for Chicago Bears fans who are political junkies. Watch one live and record the other? poll by

Marion Barber, goat

Enough said.

Should the McCaskeys sell the Bears?

Chicago Blackhawks fans John Dubinski, center, and Mario Fulco, right, celebrate the Hawks 1st period goal against the Minnesota Wild at the United Center. (Tribune photo by E. Jason Wambsgans / January 5, 2010) Now comes a deep philosophical exploration of the meaning of “fan.” Should you be a fan of a team just because... Read more »
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