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My Cody Parkey bet

Chicago Bears place kicker did the unimaginable–nay, the impossible–by missing so many field goals and extra points, that he almost single-handedly kept the Bears from advancing in the playoffs. Or from reaching the Super Bowl. Add up all the inches that he missed those field goals and extra points, and you might begin to think that they were so... Read more »

Memo to the Chicago Bears

An NFL game consists of four quarters, not three, not two. One can only hope that coaches and players carry that thought into Sunday’s game. If they had in previous games, they would be 5-0 as they face New England Patriots. 5 and 0! They had both the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Dolphins... Read more »

Should the Chicago Bulls have lost on purpose?

That’s the thinking: lose games so they wouldn’t have made the playoffs and consequently qualify for a higher rookie draft choice. That thinking also applied to the Bears who would have grabbed  number one draft position (instead of the third) if they had lost some games on purpose. thinking showed up, for example here from one of Chicago’s best sports writers... Read more »

The definition of Chutzpah: The Bears raise season ticket prices

After one of the worst seasons in its 97-year history (?), the Bears are raising their ticket prices, reports Crain’s Chicago Business.  Audacious. Cheeky. Appalling. Unbelievable.

'How the Bears fumbled away a fortune'

Hearing George McCaskey deny that the family-owned Chicago Bears would even consider selling the legendary but pathetic franchise, you’d think that everything about the ball club is just ducky, or close to it. It’s a measure of just how delusional the McCaskey family has become when George says: “We’ve studied other family businesses,” he said. “It’s... Read more »

Respect Jay Cutler

Count me among the harshest critics of the Chicago Bears beleaguered quarterback, but Sunday we discovered that we must respect Jay Cutler. I take it all back. First, he played through a hamstring injury. I had hamstring injuries in both legs when I was in military basic training and it can be very painful. (Unlike... Read more »

Lay off Derrick Rose

As unaccustomed as I am to come to the defense of highly paid pro athletes, I have to gag on the goofy denunciations and condemnations of Chicago Bulls star guard Derrick Rose. The frequently injured  Rose (did he plan to hurt himself?) had the gall to tell reporters that he was thinking about his future.... Read more »

Let's give the Chicago Bears to Los Angeles

Amazing, when you think about it, but Los Angeles, the second largest market in America has no National Football League team. It’s complicated, but here’s a suggestion: Let’s send them the Chicago Bears. Considering the  Bears pathetic (that’s an understatement) and embarrassing loss on Sunday night before a national NBC television audience many of us... Read more »

This says it all about the Chicago Bears

I don’t know who created this, but it’s right on target.

Chicago Bears gift NFC North title to Green Bay Packers

The play Sunday that pretty much summed up the Chicago Bears’ sorry season was the fumble in the season’s final game that everyone stood around looking at until a Green Bay Packer picked up the live ball and ran for a touchdown. Hasn’t every football player from the first time on the field taught that... Read more »
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