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Pope Francis forsakes sex abuse victims

Headline: Pope Francis “…Bars Action by U.S. Bishops on Sex-Abuse Reforms at Conference Last-minute change surprises bishops who planned votes to address crisis,” reports the Wall Street Journal. The story continues: The Vatican told Cardinal DiNardo about the directive only Sunday night, according to a bishop familiar with the situation. It demonstrates the continuing rift between... Read more »

Pope Francis on gay marriage

Today’s controversial U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage throughout America leaves Pope Francis I and devoted Catholics on the “wrong side of history.” At least that’ll be the view of same-sex marriage advocates, many of whom view supporters of traditional marriage as being motivated by ill-will or even hatred. So, progressives who rejoiced at... Read more »

News flash: Pope Francis still is Catholic

I loved this headline in the National Catholic Reporter:  “Yes, the pope is still Catholic, despite what you heard” Plenty of speculation has surfaced since Pope Francis I was elected and revealed a refreshing faith based on mercy despite sin. It has lead to such assertions, according to the Reporter article, that the pope has... Read more »

Calling out Illinois Sen. Sandoval on gay marriage

In the Illinois legislature’s debate over same-sex marriage, Illinois Sen. Martin Sandoval made an astounding charge when he rose to argue for passage of a law legalizing gay marriage. While in the Catholic seminary, he said he “witnessed  personally in my eight years in the seminary, you know, homosexuality, alcoholism and even men that were pedophiles.... Read more »

Just how much taxes should the rich pay to be fair?

There are few good answers What’s fair? Upon that question revolved a presidential election and the economic future of America. What’s not fair, we’re told, is rich people not paying higher taxes. But no one seems able to say just how much more they should cough up. The fairness argument won President Barack Obama re-election... Read more »

Catholic social teaching twisted by the progressive curia

A lot of people, without knowing what they’re talking about,  jump on the Catholic Church for a lot of things. High on the list are  progressive elites who accuse the church of ignoring Christ’s  social gospel. In fact, Christ did have a message of justice and compassion, but it’s no exactly like the progressives would... Read more »

Wonder why the Catholic Church says marriage is only for a man and a woman?

If you want to be closed-minded about it, then skip the rest of this. America’s Catholic Bishops have established a new website, “Marriage: Unique for a Reason,” to help explain the church’s position. You might not agree, but at least it will explain a position that in today’s culture is considered to be divisive, if... Read more »

Planned Parenthood: Eugenics' progeny in America

Planned Parenthood and its allies, including President Barack Obama, have declared war on the Catholic Church in America. In several cases, the Obama administration has refused to fund Catholic Social Services with stellar records because they wouldn’t hue to the secularist religion being force on the faithful. And this from an organization (Planned Parenthood) that... Read more »
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