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Nixon-like, Valerie Jarrett keeps an enemies list

Yet another disparaging article about President Barack Obama’s most confidential advisor, Valerie Jarrett, reveals that she kept an enemies list. How like President Richard Nixon, who established his credentials as a slimy pol by keeping an enemies list. Jarrett’s list (presumably she shared it in some manner with Obama) was disclosed by Naom Scheiber, in the... Read more »

Should President Barack Obama fire Valerie Jarrett?

A movement to remove Valerie Jarrett as President Barack Obama’s senior advisor appears to be gaining steam. And the fuel for the effort seems to be coming, cautiously and in fear of being outed, from Democrats, including some from within the White House. Jarrett is a Chicagoan and a longtime friend of both Barack and... Read more »

I didn't notice that Al Sharpton wasn't in Chicago

But ace Chicago writer Carol Felsenthal did. She noted his absence in a recent post, “Where Have You Gone, Al Sharpton? Chicago Turns Its Frightened Eyes to You. Late last year, Rev. Sharpton announced a bold plan to set up shop in Chicago. What happened?” Turns out that Sharpton, himself, finally returned her call and gave this... Read more »

An insight about why Obamacare is so screwed up

For that I turn to a Carol Felsenthal review of Glenn Thrush’s cover article in Politico called,  “Locked in the Cabinet: The worst job in Barack Obama’s Washington.” In “Secrets of the Chicago Guys in Obama’s Dysfunctional Cabinet,” the always astute Felsenthal spotlights what I think has been Obama’s problem, not just with the bungled Obamacare,... Read more »

Must read: The comings and goings of Obama’s pal Eric Whitaker

If you don’t know who Eric Whitaker is (or if you do and don’t care), you should read this fine piece of reporting by Carol Felsenthal in I won’t try to summarize it here because there is so much interesting detail. Whether you like or dislike President Barack Obama, this is one of the most... Read more »

A look inside the paranoid mind of CTU president Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, joins the conspiratorial mindset of Occupyisters, going so far as blaming Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for the troubles that teachers’ unions are having. Never does she concede that perhaps part of the problem could be the suffocating, hide-bound institution that she and the CTU have helped create.... Read more »
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