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The insanity of high-speed rail.

California voters approved $10 billion for high-speed rail, but they’re now facing the stark reality: That’ll only cover less than one-tenth of the cost. Despite that revelation, California is determined to proceed. I didn’t expect this report from CNN’s Anderson Cooper, but he lays out the gruesome facts. Now, if only Gov. Pat Quinn, the... Read more »

'Gangbuster' court decision: sponsors can defend Prop 8

The California Supreme Court has handed down a decision that affirms the right of voters not to have their will, as expressed in a referendum, ┬áblocked by government officials who disagree with them. The ruling came in a case involving Proposition 8, by which voters amended California’s constitution to ban same-sex marriages. The Los Angeles... Read more »

Cost of California high speed rail doubles.

Now it’s $98.5 billion over 20 years To put it in relative terms, O’Hare Airport expansion, once considered to be the nation’s most expensive public works project comes in at $15 billion to $20 billion (depending on whom you believe). Incredibly, though, its backers still say it can operate at a profit: The amount is... Read more »

Moronic California newspaper: Don't give the Olympics to Chicago

If you have any pride in Chicago (whether or not you oppose the Olympics here), you have to read this goofy editorial from a California newspaper opposing Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid. Blogger Jim Bowman spotted this anti-Chicago rant, and it is really worth reading. Said Jim in his opening shot: Monterey County Herald?  Are you... Read more »
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