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The Democrats' idea of 'transparency'

For that, we turn to California, a state that is as much in the grip of Democrats as the once-great state of Illinois. From Adam Andrzejewski, CEO & Founder of the public interest group, OpenTheBooks we discover that “From Out of the 50 states, California is the only one that refuses to produce its state checkbook to our... Read more »

Will illegal immigrants be searched for plastic straws?

Mike Royko gave California Gov. Jerry Brown the nickname Moonbeam. What do you think Royko would say about this paradox?

Good, the more for the rest of us

California lawmakers move to block state contracts for any builders of Trump’s border wall An item from the Department-of-Cutting-Your-Own Throat: The Los Angeles Times reports: California legislators took the first step Tuesday to ban state government contracts for any company that helps build President Trump’s promised wall along the Mexico border, with the author of the... Read more »

Ronald Reagan was right about cow farts and greenhouse gases

Ronald Reagan was ridiculed mercilessly when he asserted that cow farts produced huge amounts of methane that contributed to greenhouse gas pollution. He also said that trees and plants were similarly guilty, also to much ridicule. Including from me. Now comes word that he was right all along. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Moonbeam) has signed legislation... Read more »

How a U.S. Supreme Court decision could affect Illinois teachers

The Supreme Court case was filed by a California teacher who is challenging her union’s demand that she pay dues that go to support political speech and positions that she disagrees with. A bunch of states already allow her to opt out of the payments, but not Illinois and California. Read more about the case... Read more »

The insanity of high-speed rail.

California voters approved $10 billion for high-speed rail, but they’re now facing the stark reality: That’ll only cover less than one-tenth of the cost. Despite that revelation, California is determined to proceed. I didn’t expect this report from CNN’s Anderson Cooper, but he lays out the gruesome facts. Now, if only Gov. Pat Quinn, the... Read more »

'Gangbuster' court decision: sponsors can defend Prop 8

The California Supreme Court has handed down a decision that affirms the right of voters not to have their will, as expressed in a referendum,  blocked by government officials who disagree with them. The ruling came in a case involving Proposition 8, by which voters amended California’s constitution to ban same-sex marriages. The Los Angeles... Read more »

Cost of California high speed rail doubles.

Now it’s $98.5 billion over 20 years To put it in relative terms, O’Hare Airport expansion, once considered to be the nation’s most expensive public works project comes in at $15 billion to $20 billion (depending on whom you believe). Incredibly, though, its backers still say it can operate at a profit: The amount is... Read more »

Moronic California newspaper: Don't give the Olympics to Chicago

If you have any pride in Chicago (whether or not you oppose the Olympics here), you have to read this goofy editorial from a California newspaper opposing Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid. Blogger Jim Bowman spotted this anti-Chicago rant, and it is really worth reading. Said Jim in his opening shot: Monterey County Herald?  Are you... Read more »
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