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Save us from the politics of science

It’s bad enough when politicians and true believers distort scientific findings for their own purposes. But when scientists do it, we’ve reached a dangerous point in intellectual discourse. Such is the case with the widespread belief that evidence of global warming is incontrovertible. Thankfully, some scientists courageously have decided to publicly challenge this numbing, politically... Read more »

Rally in Illinois for jobs on Sept. 8

As the number one issue for the American people is jobs and the economy, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Obama oil drilling moratorium alone will cause a loss of 23,000 jobs. That is why the American Conservative Union is partnering with the American Petroleum Institute in order to protect domestic job growth.  With... Read more »

Poll: Bush did better handling Katrina than Obama is handling oil spill

Uh oh. Axelrod alert! This isn’t good, A new poll–by a left leaning public opinion firm–finds that  Our new Louisiana poll has a lot of data points to show how unhappy voters in the state are with Barack Obama’s handling of the oil spill but one perhaps sums it up better than anything else- a... Read more »

Interactive Gulf spill maps

Here is a valuable resource (and an explanation of how to use it). The avalanche of useful information provides an insight into just how complex and wide-ranging the problem and its solution are.

How to put more people out of work

Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias and his Republican opponent, Mark Kirk, both agree with the Obama administration’s six-month ban on new permits for deep-sea oil drilling, the associated press reports. Right, people on the Gulf Coast aren’t suffering enough. Let’s make sure that no one works there.

Tribune posters going off the deep end on my BP column

Hey, it’s BP CEO Tony Hayward. Get him! Don’t let him get away! Okay, then what? Today’s column on BP has drawn a lot of response, some of it fair and reasonable. Allow me to answer:  I’m not absolving BP of any responsibility. I didn’t say “poor” BP. BP and the other companies that caused... Read more »

Voters turning up heat on Obama, rig operators

Forty-five percent, according to the latest Rasmussen poll now say the president is doing a poor job handling the incident. That’s up 11 points from two weeks ago and 19 points at the beginning of last month. Thirty percent (30%) give the president good or excellent marks for his handling of the situation, down from 38%... Read more »

BP bashing is getting a little out of control

Getty Images photo by Win McNamee / May 17, 2010 With protesters behind him, BP America Chairman and President Lamar McKay, right, waits in the audience to testify before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in Washington, DC. McKay, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Coast Guard Deputy National Incident Commander Rear Adm.... Read more »

Ten riskiest off-shore oil drilling sites.

An ethanol refinery In a blazing flash of insight, something called the The Global Renewable Fuels Alliance (GRFA) listed the Gulf States at the top of its list of most at-risk off-shore oil sites. Said the ethanol front group in a press release: “The choice is clear,” said Global Renewable Fuels Alliance spokesperson, Bliss Baker. ” We... Read more »

The politicalization of the Gulf oil spill

Let’s be honest: politicians just love the millions of barrels of oil blasting from a BP deep-water drill site in the Gulf of Mexico. The month-long scramble to cap the gusher is for them a don’t-miss opportunity to slap around big business and government. And to feed the “do something” syndrome that grips America today.... Read more »
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