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FBI won't recommend Hillary Clinton indictment; no surprise there

UPDATED: To no one’s surprise, the FBI won’t seek the indictment of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And to no one’s surprise, the announcement came just a few days after husband Bill had a private meeting with the FBI’s boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Just days after Lynch said she would accept the FBI’s recommendation,... Read more »

Trey Gowdy asks questions about Benghazi that reporters can't answer

Reporters sat mute as Rep. Trey Gowdy asked them questions about Benghazi that reporters can’t answer. Reporters normally don’t respond to questions posed by a person who calls a press conference, and this time they didn’t either. As a long-time Chicago newspaper reporter, I probably would have not answered the questions either; that’s not normal... Read more »

How did this get past CBS censors?

CBS’ 60 minutes is about a year late exploring the “why” of the horrific raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, but the fact that it did it at all is remarkable. Still, the program left out the part about former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s unbelievably callous “what difference does it make?” statement before... Read more »

Democrats now sound like Republicans after Nixon's Watergate

“I will not comment on a third-rate burglary attempt. Obviously we don’t condone that kind of second-rate burglary.” —Ronald Ziegler, President Richard Nixon’s press secretary’s response to media inquiries about whether the White House had anything to do with the Watergate burglary “There’s no there there.” –President Barack Obama’s response to stories inquiring if the... Read more »


Who would have thought that Barack Obama would have descended to the depths that the disgraced Republican President Richard Nixon had in the scandal department? Obama now has three going for him all at once: The newest is the revelation that the Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of journalists who work for... Read more »

Would President Obama launch a drone attack on U.S. soil?

Who would have thought that within President Barack Obama beats the heart of a civil rights antediluvian? Could Obama, beloved of the American Civil Liberties Union, be guilty of harboring thoughts of calling down a fatal drone attack on an American citizen on U.S. soil without benefit of trial? I never heard him say so.... Read more »

General asks: Where was Obama during Benghazi attack?

This is becoming an increasingly important issue for President Barack “Golf” Obama. Here is one general wanting some answers to the “where the hell was he?” question in real time during the Benghazi attack Following the Senate committee hearingswith Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, and Secretary... Read more »

Obama Absent Night of Benghazi

That’s according to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. [He] testified this morning on Capitol Hill that President Barack Obama was absent the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Panetta said, though he did meet with Obama at a 5 o’clock prescheduled gathering, the president left operational details, including knowledge of what resources were... Read more »

Which is worse: Romney's 'binders' or Obama's 'optimal?'

Wow, you’d think that Republican presidential candidate Romney set fire to a battered women’s shelter when he said he had a “binder” of qualified women to appoint to his cabinet as Massachusetts governor. Makes me want to ask the Obama partisans: Is  “binders of women” the best ya got? Can there be a more idiotic reason... Read more »
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