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Nature's response to the Asian carp invasion

About half-million Asian carp found dead in Kentucky’s Cumberland River While environmentalists are fretting about Asian carp invading Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes, Mother Nature has dealt the fish a bad hand. Hundreds of thousands–perhaps a half million–died in 24 hours in a massive fish kill that now is being investigated by the Kentucky Department... Read more »

'Asian' carp name is politically incorrect

Some call it “racist” The ugly and piggish Asian carp now is considered “offensive” because it’s doing more than threatening to muscle in on the Great Lakes: It casts people from Asia in a “negative light.” From Fox News: Minnesota legislators consider renaming Asian carp The troublesome fish currently known as Asian carp may get... Read more »

Bighead Asian Carp could be big money for Illinois

Word of Illinois’ campaign to create a public taste for sauteed fillets and fried fish cakes made from bighead Asian carp has reached even the distant shores of Boothbay Harbor, Maine, where we are vacationing with gracious friends. It was national news because Illinois seems to have lost its mind by asking people to, in... Read more »

Carp Chronicles III

5 states sue to keep Asian carp out of Great Lakes Of course they are. And Illinois should sue to shut down the St. Lawrence Seaway because of all the non-native species that came in that way. Some of the ideas that the states want to impose on Illinois are not as draconian as what... Read more »

UPDATE: Carp Chronicles II

UPDATE: Crains Chicago Business reports that President Barack Obama will name a “carp czar” within a month to make sure the Asian kind don’t get into Lake Michigan. Great, another  Obama administration top-level post that isn’t subject to congressional scrutiny. ORIGINAL POST:Just as the Asian carp alarmists were descending today on Washington to pitch their... Read more »

Supreme Court won't hear Asian carp suit

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to not even bother hearing a suit filed by the Michigan attorney general and others to force the closure of locks between Lake Michigan and the Illinois Waterway to prevent Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes. It was a politically motivated suit to start with, initiated by Mike Cox,... Read more »

Supreme Court: No to closing Great Lakes locks (update)

The high court for the second time has rejected a request by some of Illinois’ neighbors to shut down Chicago-area locks to prevent the spread of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes. Now will Michigan and other plaintiffs come up with other boneheaded ideas for hurting Chicago’s economy? UPDATE: In response to the ruling, Robyn... Read more »

Reason and Asian Carp

Instead of demanding that the entire Illinois waterway be choked off to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan, calmer minds have started working on a cooperative way of meeting the threat. Lots of things are going on next week regarding the issue. From the Tribune: On Monday, Gov. Pat Quinn plans to meet with governors from... Read more »

Best resource ever for Asian carp

There’s a lot about the invasive Asian carp on the internet, but the best reference that I have seen yet comes from our own Field Museum. You can find it here:  It give some important information about topics that have been casually thrown around, such as the reliability of DNA testing for the carp and... Read more »

Carp Chronicles

Asian Carp (on top) The U.S.Supreme Court on Friday will consider requests to shut down locks on the Illinois Waterway to prevent the spread of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes, Crain’s reports. A decision could come then. DNA have been found of Asian Carp in the Chicago River, but still no signs of the... Read more »
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