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The year's most remarkable, yet untold, story

Record numbers of unaccompanied minor immigrants are illegally crossing into the United States but little is being reported about how they are doing it. It’s a stunning, even heroic, story about how almost three-fourths of the thousands of children apprehended crossing the brooder into the U.S. are from Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador. How the hell... Read more »

Racial profiling not at the heart of the Arizona immigration case before the Supreme Court

Methinks that the federal challenge to the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law, heard last week by the U.S. Supreme Court, is terribly misunderstood. For many folks, the state law — which helps enforce federal immigration laws already on the books — is about racial profiling. They argue that cops, for whatever reason, will target people who... Read more »

67% Say States Should Be Able To Enforce Immigration Laws If Feds Are Not

A new Rasmussen poll seems to support Arizona’s efforts to enforce federal immigration laws when the U.S. government ignores its obligations to do so. 

If Federal Law is Supreme Law, How Did Chicago Become a "Sanctuary City?"

If Arizona is not allowed to have its own “immigration policy,” as the Obama Department of Justice insists, then why is Chicago and other local or state governments allowed to have their own immigration policies by creating sanctuaries for illegal immigrants? Chicago, Evanston, Cicero and scores, if not hundreds, of other state and local governments... Read more »

Americans favor Arizona-like illegal immigration enforcement law in their states

According to a new Rasmussen poll: Voters by a two-to-one margin oppose the U.S. Justice Department’s decision to challenge the legality of Arizona’s new immigration law in federal court. Sixty-one percent (61%), in fact, favor passage of a law like Arizona’s in their own state, up six points from two months ago.

Rhode Island reports illegal immigrants

It sounds like Rhode Island already is doing what Arizona’s new law will do. In the nation’s smallest state, troopers are reporting all illegal immigrants they encounter, even on routine traffic stops. They then are turned over for deportation. Even more amazing, they are doing so under the federal 287(g) program that trains local police to enforce federal... Read more »

Virginia county knows what the Arizona immigration law will accomplish

A lot and all of it good, according to Price William County officials. For three years, Prince William County near Washington D.C. has had on its books a law similar to Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law. It resulted in lower crime and fewer babies born without insurance.  How about racial profiling, the thing that immigration activists... Read more »

The mote in Felipe Calderon's eye

What is it about Mexico that has made it an habitually impoverished nation? The one thing in the illegal immigration debate that everyone seems to agree with is the fact of Mexico’s perpetually miserable economy. Such as: Mexicans are sneaking into the United States because they’re fleeing poverty. Poverty is the root cause of the... Read more »

Losing the Moral Compass at Holy Name Cathedral

Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune / May 12, 2010  Father Brendan Curran, left, Pastor of St. Pius Catholic Chuch Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, joins Sister Eileen Reilly, School Sisters of Notre Dame, right, and dozens of other participants at Holy Name Cathedral, where representatives of varied religions gathered to denounce the recent passing of Arizona SB 1070,... Read more »

Arizona, immigration and flawed ACLU lawsuit

Not surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union was quick out of the gate with a lawsuit challenging Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law.  Unfortunately, one of the plaintiffs raises a red herring in the suit, according to the Times: Ten individual plaintiffs have joined with the groups in suing. They range from two Jane Doe plaintiffs... Read more »
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