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Pope Francis on abortion, gays and same-sex marriage in the context of Catholic social teaching

Some commentators who have hailed Pope Francis’ supposed rejection on the church’s “pre-occupation with doctrine,” (i.e. abortion, gays, same-sex marriage)  have revealed a deep and troubling ignorance or misunderstanding of Catholic social teachings. The church always has been welcoming of all people, following Christ’s example of hanging out with sinners and speaking out for the... Read more »

The Spartans were more honest about infanticide and eugenics

The Spartans surely knew what to do with Down Syndrome children and other newborns that were considered less than desirable. Here’s one description: Shortly after birth, a mother would bathe her child in wine to see whether the child was strong. If the child survived it was brought before the Gerousia by the child’s father.... Read more »

Images of aborted fetuses and smoker's lungs--which are worse?

Warning: Some graphics here may offend certain people. What is the limit of government’s power to require corporations to speak out against their own products in violation of free speech rights? A federal judge has decided that requiring cigaret companies to display gross pictures of the worst consequences of smoking (dead people, diseased lungs) on... Read more »

The vexing problem of 'personhood.'

Mississippi voters on Nov. 8 will decide whether a human person is created at the moment of  conception. It is the key question, but largely ignored in the abortion debate. Human life, as science tells us, does indeed begin at conception. But the question of when that human life becomes endowed with all the rights and privileges... Read more »

"Glee" and Fox distort the realities of adoption

The popular and award-winning show “Glee” is bad mouthing adoption, according to a petition on Asking readers to sign a petition to get the show and its Fox network to correct the myths that it is dealing in, said: In the current story line, Quinn, a teen mother who placed her daughter for adoption, is... Read more »

Exploring blacks' high rate of abortion

Among the most contentious issues in America today are race and abortion. Fuse them into a single issue and you’ve got a nuclear bomb. And so, when a Texas minister last month posted pro-life billboards in African-American neighborhoods in Chicago, more than feathers were ruffled. With a picture of President Barack Obama, they proclaimed, “Every 21 minutes our next... Read more »

What about Illinois' abortion clinics? Are they safe?

The shocking “complete regulatory collapse” that allowed Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell to literally get away with murder raises a critical question: Are there any Dr. Gosnells in Illinois.  According to a grand jury indictment as described by Medscape Today, Gosnell illegally aborted third-trimester fetuses, severed the spinal cords of babies aborted alive with scissors, and... Read more »

To be feminist is to be pro-life

With the success at the polls in California and elsewhere it is time for pro-choice feminists to stop pretending that they have an exclusive patent on Carly Fiorina feminism. Despite that success, rigid and absolutist (pro-choice) feminists are on the warpath, declaring that California GOP Senate primary winner Carly Fiorina cant be “true feminists.” The... Read more »

Illinois parents still left in dark about their child's abortion

And if Planned Parenthood has its way, it’ll stay that way. This is ridiculous. Fifteen years ago, the Illinois Legislature passed a law requiring a girl–a minor–planning an abortion to notify her parents. Every state surrounding Illinois has such a law, but since 1995 when it was passed, the abortion industry has successfully fought to... Read more »

Why Stupek, who won't run again, is under pro-life fire

Well, that didn’t take long. Seventy-eight percent of the voters in his northern Michigan district said they oppose public funding of abortion in health care legislation, according to polling by the Susan B. Anthony List. It didn’t take long for Rep. Bart Stupek, the Democrat who engineered passage of the health car law–without the public... Read more »
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