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Is a fertilized human egg a person?

Stat, a magazine that reports on the frontiers of heath and medicine, recently ran a scary article, “Trump win could boost movement to confer ‘personhood’ on fertilized eggs.” It’s the other side of the coin, paralleling the belief of extreme anti-lifers*, that a fetus has no rights and no personhood until a moment after birth. This article... Read more »

Time to expunge "make sure" from the political vocabulary

Let’s make sure that we never again have to hear another politician promise that he’ll “make sure” that [fill in the blank]. Some politicians seem to be unable to speak without “making sure” that this or that happens. They promise, pledge, vow, aver, affirm and assert to work to “make sure” to balance the budget,... Read more »

Is this fake news? She dumps her boyfriend because Trump won

Used to be that George W. Bush got blamed for everything. Time to update: Blame Donald Trump. Incredibly, here’s someone who blames Trump for losing interesting in dating. She says she dumped her boyfriend after Trump was elected. Can’t handle it, I guess. Wrote Stephanie Land about a prospect to fill her lonely life: We dated... Read more »

Temporary O'Hare Airport noise fix is a sham

A six-month test of a night runway rotation plan to reduce noise over O’Hare Airport’s near-by neighbors is scheduled to end Christmas, despite pleas to keep it going, Rosalind Rossi at the Chicago Sun-Times reports. City aviation officials said Wednesday that O’Hare Airport will end a six-month test of a new night runway rotation plan on Christmas... Read more »

Next up: A Chicago ordinance prohibiting a restaurant from opening up next to an existing one

If you follow the logic in Cook County Judge Anna Helen Demacopoulos’ decision to ban food trucks from within 200 feet of an existing restaurant in the interests of “balancing” competition, Chicago should also ban new restaurants from opening next door to existing ones. According to the Chicago Sun-Times: A Cook County judge on Monday upheld... Read more »

Abortion not always a safe as pro-choice activists insist

A key argument, used rhetorically and in court cases by pro-choice activists, is that abortion is so safe that it doesn’t require steps be taken to protect pregnant women, even for medical emergencies. The abortion industry repeatedly claims that abortionists need not have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and regulations required of ambulatory care... Read more »

Ronald Reagan was right about cow farts and greenhouse gases

Ronald Reagan was ridiculed mercilessly when he asserted that cow farts produced huge amounts of methane that contributed to greenhouse gas pollution. He also said that trees and plants were similarly guilty, also to much ridicule. Including from me. Now comes word that he was right all along. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Moonbeam) has signed legislation... Read more »

Climate scientist bashed by group think for being a heretic

Even a climate scientist who has concluded that global warming is real and that human emissions of greenhouses gases justify a carbon tax can’t escape the group think’s auto-da-fé for even slightly disagreeing with the given wisdom. Roger Pielke Jr. failed the climate alarmists’ inquisition when he argued against the hypothesis that human-caused climate change has... Read more »

Mustn't upset China

President-elect Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwan’s president has, we’re told, thrown experienced foreign affairs “experts” into a tizzy. It’s a violation of “protocol” and it will upset China, which says it has a right to gobble up Taiwan. Not that the people in Taiwan have anything to say about it. What China wants, China... Read more »

Democratic lawmakers want to jump in line ahead of children, the sick and impoverished

There’s no shame among Illinois Democratic lawmakers, who think they have a right to jump in line ahead of those most in need–children, the sick and impoverished. As departing Republican Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geisser Munge points out, Democrats have sued to get their paycheck before those more deserving. Late this morning, on the last day of my... Read more »
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