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Supreme irony: global warming expert trapped in Antarctic ice

UPDATE: French polar chief derides Antarctic cruise as a jaunt. (Read here.) Chris Turney, a professor of climate change at Australia’s University of New South Wales, is leading the scientific expedition to Antarctica that is, ironically, stuck in ice that global warming is allegedly shrinking. Yet, as Fox News reports [Turney] said it was “silly” to... Read more »

Obamacare 'enrolls' 1.1 million; only 47 million to go

The Obama administration proudly announced that less than 3 percent of uninsured Americans have signed up for Obamacare under the “Affordable” Care Act. That’s a grand total of 1.1 million of enrollees. That’s a drop in the bucket of the 48 million of Americans that have a “desperate need” for health insurance, the number that... Read more »

Explaining Obamacare in a way that even Obamafans can understand

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Chicago Bears gift NFC North title to Green Bay Packers

The play Sunday that pretty much summed up the Chicago Bears’ sorry season was the fumble in the season’s final game that everyone stood around looking at until a Green Bay Packer picked up the live ball and ran for a touchdown. Hasn’t every football player from the first time on the field taught that... Read more »

Toss your cigaret butt on the ground; get your butt hauled off to the slammer

Astonishing new law in Illinois could actually get you sent to prison for throwing your cigaret butt on the ground. This amazing news is brought to us by the Illinois Policy Institute. On Jan. 1, an update to Illinois’ Litter Control Act will subject anyone who tosses a cigarette on the ground to increased penalties... Read more »

What's that you say? No war on Christmas? II

Christmas songs are considered to be a form of bullying, say anti-Christian fanatics. A group of parents at Chief Charlo Elementary School are so upset over the selection of songs for the school’s holiday music program they are considering legal counsel. The parents outlined their concerns in a letter sent to the superintendent of the... Read more »

What's that you say? No war on Christmas?

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Officials at Ralph J. Osgood Intermediate School, located in New York City, removed several religious references, including “holy infant” and “Christ the savior,” from the popular Christmas carol, ‘Silent Night’,  before a concert featuring fifth-graders last week. Read More   To subscribe to The Barbershop, type your email address in the box and click the “create... Read more »

Enter the 'No New Year's Resolutions' Zone

Making a resolution for the New Year? Bah humbug. Join me in the No New Year’s Resolutions Zone. To be sanctimonious about it, why does anyone wait for another year to roll around before making self-improvement promises? Shouldn’t that be something that we do every day? Not that I do. Why a No New Year’s... Read more »

Obamacare follies

One of the quickly identified problems with Obamacare healthcare pools is the possibility that too few young, healtyh people will sign up because it costs more and reduces their choices. Experts fear that the pool will attract mostly high-risk people (e.g. the elderly, persons with pre-existing conditions), thereby increasing pool  costs  to such a high... Read more »

Without music, Christmas is a silent movie

Without music, tonight and tomorrow would be just another Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. More than most of the holiday trappings, music is Christmas Eve and Christmas dawning, whether for the Christian faithful or for the secular merrymakers. It describes and explains Christmas more than the wonder in your children’s eyes, the piney fragrance of... Read more »