Millionaires harvesting lavish farm subsidies

In another eye-opening study, Adam Andrzejewski of Open the Books reveals that the subsidies created during the Great Depression to save family farms are yielding generous crops for millionaires: Since 2008, however, the top 10 farm subsidy recipients each received an average of $18.2 million – that’s $1.8 million annually, $150,000 per month, or $35,000 a week.... Read more »

Chicago south suburbs lead nation in black home ownership

Pew reports: Olympia Fields has a black homeownership rate of 98 percent. It is one of only a handful of sizeable, majority-black communities in the United States where the black homeownership rate exceeds 80 percent. Nationally, the black homeownership rate is only 41 percent — virtually unchanged from 50 years ago, when the federal Fair... Read more »

No, I will not acknowledge my 'white privilege'

When I confess, I acknowledge my sins. Being white is not one of them. Nor are the sins committed by other white people. Nor will I acknowledge that “white privilege” got me to where I am because it propelled me to the head of some fanciful line.  Nor will l–an old white man– agree that accepting my... Read more »
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But it's not vote fraud...

In Florida’s Broward County (Fort Lauderdale) more than 100 percent of the voting age population was registered to vote. But it’s not voter fraud, we’re supposed to believe. At least that’s the view of Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes who has refused to fully maintain voting lists, to weed out noncitizens, the dead, those who... Read more »

Will illegal immigrants be searched for plastic straws?

Mike Royko gave California Gov. Jerry Brown the nickname Moonbeam. What do you think Royko would say about this paradox?

Obama Center bleeds Chicago and Illinois taxpayers

Higher taxes and money from bankrupt Chicago and Illinois are the price of ripping up Jackson Park for the private Obama Center and two gentrified golf courses. It’s bad enough that public parkland is being confiscated for the private use of former President Barack Obama’s “Center” (it’s not a presidential library) to spread around his... Read more »

Chicago's using one credit card to pay off another

How often are consumers warned not to build a mountain of debt so they won’ use one credit card to pay what’s due on another? It’s not doing anything really to solve the money problems. It only makes it worse. Chicago is doing exactly that, as it plans to issue $10 billion in bonds to pay its unfunded pension plans.... Read more »

Jesse Watters Eats Steak While Debating Toxic Masculinity


End the Madigan gerrymandering of Illinois legislative districts

Democrats around the country are hyperventilating about how Republicans have gerrymandered so many districts in many states that the GOP is unfairly winning elections. Yet when it comes to how House Speaker Mike Madigan and his Democratic lickspittles have apportioned Illinois legislative districts, they say not a word. So, the good news is that Change Illinois has... Read more »

Government pension plans' dirty secret

Elizabeth Bauer writing in Forbes The bottom line:  public pension plans’ poor funding levels would be even worse if they were accounted for the way that private pension plans are, the fact that their accounting methods differ has contributed to the funding crisis. (Caution: actuarial language ahead.)
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