Idiot fragility: Why it's so easy for idiots to describe all white people as racists

Robin DiAngelo‘s best seller, “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism,” is getting scooped up by white idiots who want to know that they are racist to the core, without knowing it. In DiAngelo’s view, the very fact that I am critical of the idea that racism is as embedded in... Read more »

I'm sick and tired of the insurrection. End it

Insurrection: “A rising or rebellion of citizens against their government, usually manifested by acts of violence.” — Legal definition. Under federal law, it is a crime to incite, assist or engage in such conduct against the United States. Federal law empowers the federal government to “to address an insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination or conspiracy, in any state,... Read more »

Uh oh; toilet paper is pushing us to 'climate catastrophe'

Think about this the next time you flush: With every roll of their unsustainable toilet paper, companies are pushing the world closer to climate catastrophe. That’s because climate change isn’t just about smokestacks and tail pipes, or oil wells and coal mines. It’s also driven by cutting down irreplaceable climate-critical forests like the Canadian boreal for... Read more »

Where are the black lives matters marchers for Mikhi James?

“We say black lives matter, but we’re here to say black baby lives matter more.” Three-year-old Mikhi James was one of 13 people shot to death over the weekend in Chicago, but where are the thousands of black lives matter marchers? More than 100 people were shot during the same weekend, enough to squeeze COVID-19... Read more »

IL school board says schools should open this fall; Pritzker says I dunno

You might have missed this: “IL Board Of Ed Recommends Schools Reopen In Fall: Require Masks”. Reported Patch: Illinois State Board of Education officials are recommending schools fully reopen and proceed with in-class instruction in the fall, but said some students and schools may opt for online learning due to specific circumstances. The board met virtually... Read more »

Covid-19 deaths yesterday: Illinois, 23; Wisconsin, 0

That can’t be right. The experts, Democratic politicians, liberal commentators and the political left warned that Wisconsin would become the ultimate example of how to spread the deadly COVID-19 plague. It would be so because Wisconsin is completely open, without the coronavirus lockdowns, school and restaurant closings, mask wearing and social distancing requirements the experts insisted... Read more »

The unconscionable closing of schools

Send this to Gov. J.B. Pritzker, the state school board and your local school board so they can appreciate how inappropriate and destructive their closing of your schools are. Get involved by going to Reopen Illinois Schools for guidance on what you can and should do to save Illinois school children from the emotional, physical and educational devastation... Read more »

Hey, Dad. Scram. You're not needed here

So say today’s cultural norms. Kids growing up without a father present just doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if the father’s not around in the home. It especially doesn’t matter if the father and mother aren’t married. So, on this Father’s Day, it is again necessary to review the science about the importance of fatherhood. as more  than one... Read more »

A primer for idiots who refuse to understand Illinois' money crisis

Leslie Munger, former Illinois Comptroller in “Cooking Up An Illinois Budget Disaster,” tries to get through to the blockheads who seem comfortable with the direction that the state is heading: a financial boneyard. Or the partisan politicians and journalists who try to ignore the hell that awaits. In the simplest “kitchen table” terms, she describes... Read more »

Finally, the huge crowds will tell us just how deadly COVID-19 really is

  The black lives matter protests in which caution and social distancing were thrown to the winds. The Trump rally in Tulsa inside a convention hall. And the three-day Republican convention in Jacksonville at which Trump will give his acceptance speech. The people in attendance might not consider themselves to be part of the largest, most... Read more »
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