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My busy schedule for another exciting new day:

Where are the models describing the coronavirus' economic costs?

As far as I know, there are none. And as far as the economy goes, we don’t need one. Unlike the iffy epidemiological models that try to predict the future, no model is required to see the catastrophic effects of the shutdown that are already here. The devastating consequences of the economic shutdown is spreading around... Read more »

China's totalitarian socialism is superior to democracy in the pandemic fight

At least that’s what Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi believes. He wants the world to buy the fiction that the communist regime is the perfect answer to fighting the coronavirus pandemic.  He said, “China’s signature strength, efficiency and speed in this fight has been widely acclaimed. And the institutional advantage of China’s governance is for all to see.” [Emphasis added.] ... Read more »

Biden reacts to Obama's endorsement

Hey, Trump, you're not the boss of me

Nor are you the boss of the governors. The Constitution says so. Despite your weird claim that it gives you “total” authority. You wrongly asserted: “The president of the United States calls the shots. They [the governors] can’t do anything without the approval of the president of the United States.” Asked what part of the Constitution gives... Read more »

George W. Bush warns of coming pandemic

Pandemic brings astonishing changes to America

This came from a friend; apparently it’s circulating on the internet. I don’t know if a Rita Silver wrote it, but whoever did deserves credit for lightening our day: From: RITA SILVER Date: April 7, 2020   My neighbor got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.   CEO’s are now playing miniature golf.   ... Read more »

A city under siege

Thank you Illinois Policy Institute

Letter from the huddled masses

My dear fellow Americans, Are you fed up yet? Have you lost your job? Your retirement savings? Do you live in fear that the coronavirus cure is worse than the disease? (See my earlier post here.) And who in hell came up with the phrase, “shelter” in place?” “Shelter” is much too comfortable to describe what... Read more »
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