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Has a presidential or vice presidential nominee ever been replaced?

The answer is on Mike Purdy’s

The GOP's last presidential hope: Trump resigns, Pence replaces him on ticket

UPDATES: Trump says he’ll never abandon his quest for the presidency. GOP leadership jumping ship. Of the two presidential major party presidential candidates–Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton–who has the least chance of winning, I’d guess (wildly and don’t hold me to it) that Trump will be retiring after the election to his old... Read more »

The 'overly negative' Trump speech

Yes, it was troubling to listen to Republican president nominee Donald Trump check off everything that is wrong about America during his acceptance speech: Violence in our streets, terrorists knocking on our door, un- and underemployment, poverty, on and on. As with one voice, commentators, pundits, talking heads, politicians and other assorted partisans from the... Read more »

Tribune to its readers, shareholders: tronc you

Everything you’d ever want to know about Tribune’s Publishing’s boogieing over to a new identity–tronc–and its fight with Gannett and its plans to become “a content curation and monetization company focused on creating and distributing premium, verified content across all channels.” Whatever that means. Read it in “Tribune gets Troncked: A reader’s guide to the... Read more »

Did you feel Pope Francis loosening the reins?

If Pope John XXIII and Vatican II opened the window to let fresh air into the Catholic Church, then you might say that a good metaphor for Pope Francis is that he loosened the reins. I’ve only read eleven pages into his “new apostolic exhortation” called Amoris Laetitia, (Latin for The Joy of Love) but I... Read more »

On Wisconsin. Save us from Trump

Wisconsin has been like a second home to me. It’s where my family vacationed when I was a kid, in Eagle River, Elkhart Lake and Green Lake. Green  Lake is where my grandparents lived and home to the Tuscumbia golf course where my brother Bill and I learned to play golf. I got my higher... Read more »

Stunning news: Michael Ferro, majority owner of Sun-Times, now majority owner of Tribune

How did this happen? And what are the implications for Chicago newspaper readers and staffs? Whoever thought that the Chicago Sun-Times’ shadow would fall across Michigan Ave. and land on the Chicago Tribune? If anything, it seemed more likely that the opposite would happen, especially with the sale of the Sun-Times suburban newspapers to the... Read more »

Let's hear it for social conservatives

Social conservatives have become the third rail of American politics. Most of the candidates for president in this election cycle have not just shied away from traditional social conservative issues, but have run from them as if they were the plague. As Heather Wilhelm astutely observes in a Chicago Tribune op-ed Here in America, as... Read more »

It's not Donald Trump who scares the shite out of me

It’s the people who fall for his authoritarian fantasies who scare the shite out of me. Donald Trump’s most recent rant about Obama being “insane” seems to have struck a chord with those who are looking for an autocrat to rescue us from the mess that Obama and his progressive and isolationist boosters have created.... Read more »

Sammy Davis Jr. returns to Evanston

If you missed last year’s performance of “Why not me? A Sammy Davis Jr. Story,” you have a second chance. Sean Blake as Sammy Davis Jr. is returning to the Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre, at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St., Evanston, June 13 – June 28. My wife Barb and I saw last night’s performance and Blake... Read more »
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