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This fool was thinking of buying Illinois bonds

Asked B.V. from Port Richey, Fla.: I’m thinking of buying $50,000 of high-yield Illinois municipals where I can get 8% to 10%. How could Illinois’ deficit become so large?… What do you think? The question was submitted to financial advisor Malcolm Berko at Berko’s answer, “Illinois Municipals Are Loaded With Risk” was informative and insightful.... Read more »

Media blow another climate change story

Something important was missing from the reporting on a recent study concluding that climate change threatens the Great Lakes with more flooding, heat waves and drought. The study, “The Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes, also warns that the Great Lakes region is warming faster than the rest of America. Release of the... Read more »

Smollett out on $100,000 local bond; now how about the feds?

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett ordeal began Thursday as he appeared before Cook County Circuit Cout Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke on a charge of filing a false police report. The judge set Smollett’s bond at $100,000 and was ordered back in court March 14. Smollett surrendered to the police early Thursday morning when he was booked on one felony... Read more »

Chicago GOP endorses Paul Vallas

So what, you say? Republican voters in Chicago are ignored. But in a field of 14 candidates for Chicago mayor, this is an important endorsement. Republican voters account for some 20 percent of the Chicago vote in statewide races. So with no candidate polling more than 15 percent and top  candidates separated by only a few points,... Read more »

Someone put California's high-speed rail out of its misery, please

California’s idiotic high-speed rail fantasy is dead. Or it’s not. Gov. Gavin Newsom in his State of the State address declared, “Let’s be real. The project, as currently planned, would cost too much and take too long.”  Then Newsom got unreal by saying a 110-mile Central Valley segment already under construction between Bakersfield and Merced (population 376,380 and 82,594... Read more »

Does anyone need/want a piano?

I’m selling one on Craig’s List: Here’s the description: Kohler & Campbell upright (41 inches high) in excellent shape. I am the original owner, having bought it c. 1974 and have carefully maintained it. I have had it tuned at least once a year since its purchase. The keys and wood are in flawless condition.... Read more »

Pelosi "won" because Trump is stupid

All kinds of plaudits are showering down on Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for out-foxing President Donald Trump in the immigration/government shootout. Put away the laurels. Tweety Bird could have trounced Trump. There’s just too many ways that Trump botched the fight, beginning with his impossible promise to force Mexico to pay for a “beautiful”... Read more »

Donald Trump: Draft dodging hypocrite

Perfect timing. As President Donald Trump tried to align himself as the patron of Americans serving in the military, we got another reminder of what a flaming hypocrite he is. The reminder being that when other Americans put their lives on the line during the Vietnam War, Trump dodged the draft by having a podiatrist write... Read more »

Rep. Stephanie Kifowit's death wish for GOP lawmaker's family is Trump's fault

You knew it was coming. Someone was certain to blame President Donald Trump for the swill that came out of Rep. Stephanie Kifowit’s mouth. Kifowit, a Democrat from Downstate Oswego, said this about Rep. Peter Breen of Lombard, who asked reasonable questions about a bill that Kifowit sponsored: I would like to make him a broth of Legionella... Read more »

O'Hare again ranked in bottom tier of American airports

Well, I suppose you can say it didn’t end up at the absolute bottom of America’s 20 largest airports as ranked by the Wall Street Journal. That spot was reserved for New York’s three area airports. However, O’Hare is unique in that 17 years ago, then Mayor Richard M. Daley unveiled his utopian plan to virtually... Read more »
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