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Take that, King Georgie III

Here’s how King George III reacted to the Declaration of Independence. This is his speech to a joint session of Parliament–the houses of Lords and Commons. The speech is his first after the Declaration. He figured that Americans will see the light and return to the generous bosom of the Crown. Tough rocks, your majesty. “My... Read more »

Noted scholar Shelby Steele talks sense about black lives

How do white people prove they are not racist? How do you prove a negative?

What was Whitney Young Principal Joyce Kenner's horrible offense?

Whitney Young Principal Joyce Kenner, a black woman who has been principal of the prestigious Chicago high school for years, is now be targeted and told that she must resign. What was the huge offense that requires that she be fired or resign in disgrace? Several students told the Tribune they were offended by statements Kenner made... Read more »

An open letter to protesters from a police officer

Just a voice asking for some understanding.  

The surprising argument for police defunding: Sensitivity training didn't work

This will appall the white guilt industry that has been reaping a fortune by conducting those cleansing sensitivity workshops for lo these many decades The latest race orthodoxy explains that the police must be defunded because the years-long training program the Minneapolis police conducted failed to prevent the police killing of George Floyd Therefore, we are... Read more »

Illinois' coronavirus lockdown is the worst in America

Why, J.B. Pritzker, why? You and your supporters claim that you are “following science,” but where is the science that your maniacal lockdown is the best way to fight coronavirus. Turns out that your lockdown is the worst in America. That’s according to Wallet Hub, a personal-finance website, that released updated rankings for the States with... Read more »

No, Gov. Pritzker. This is about a citizen exercising his right to challenge your shutdown policy

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker regards a court challenge against his stay-home order as a cheap political stunt. No, Guv, it’s the exercise of a legitimate constitutional right by a citizen to free himself, and by extension the rest of us, from your controversial public policy to confine Illinoisans in their homes until the end of next month. You are... Read more »

Breaking news: Downstate judge orders Pritzker's stay-at-home order lifted

My reports: LOUISVILLE, Ill. (WTVO) — An Illinois court overturned Gov. JB Pritzker’s stay-at-home order, due to a lawsuit by Rep. Darren Bailey, which says the governor exceeded his authority and is violating the civil rights of Illinois’ residents. “My lawsuit asks the court to find that Gov. Pritzker overextended his power by issuing... Read more »

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