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Sen. Graham to campaign against Sen. Schumer

Northbrook Catholic Community shows church hierarchy how to deal with the sex scandal

The Northbrook (Illinois) Catholic Community, made up of St. Norbert and our Lady of the Brook churches, has demonstrated how the clergy should have responded to the sex scandal that is dividing congregations. Father Dan Folwaczny wrote a powerful and courageous essay for the parish bulletin titled, “The Sins of the Fathers.”  How could this... Read more »

Jasper Williams Jr. speaks 'truth to power' at Aretha Franklin's funeral

“Speaking truth to power” is a four-star virtue for left-wing script writers. But what happens when someone speaks truth to power to African American and left-wing elites? Boos fall like rain. Condemnations are issued. Apologies are demanded for hurt feelings. Such as the reaction when Jasper Williams Jr. spoke truth at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. The Queen of Soul’s... Read more »

Emanuel will not run for re-election as Chicago mayor

The Chicago Tribune reports: In a stunning decision, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday morning that he will no longer seek a third term in office, signaling the end to what has been a tumultuous – and at times transformative – eight years in office. With First Lady Amy Rule by his side, an emotional Emanuel... Read more »

Chicago south suburbs lead nation in black home ownership

Pew reports: Olympia Fields has a black homeownership rate of 98 percent. It is one of only a handful of sizeable, majority-black communities in the United States where the black homeownership rate exceeds 80 percent. Nationally, the black homeownership rate is only 41 percent — virtually unchanged from 50 years ago, when the federal Fair... Read more »

Jesse Watters Eats Steak While Debating Toxic Masculinity


Wait. What? Illinois' unfunded pension obligation is >$200 billion, NOT $140 billion?

This hasn’t received much attention, but it’s big, important news that Illinois’ unfunded government pensions amount to at least $200 billion, instead of the $140 billion that’s usually cited. I say “at least” because the $200 billion figure calculated by Moody’s Investors Service is for 2016, about two years old. What it amounts to now is... Read more »

Selective outrage over the Puerto Rico T-shirt assault

It is gratifying indeed to see and hear the outrage over the hateful attack by a lunatic against a woman wearing a woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt in the northwest side Caldwell Woods. It also is appalling that a peace officer stood by without acting to protect the woman.  The assault has gone viral on... Read more »

Illinois senators' dopey reactions to Kavanaugh's SCOTUS nomination

Not unexpectedly, the two Democrat Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth from Illinois suggested (I say so with only a hint of hyperbole) that President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court would change America forever. Doomed is the America as we know it! As if it were another episode out... Read more »

Marquette University ordered to reinstate professor in a key academic freedom case

In a major victory for academic freedom and free expression on America’s campuses, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that  John McAdams, the Marquette University professor who was fired  for criticizing a graduate student instructor should be fully reinstated. In its 4-2 ruling, the court said Marquette University had breached its contract, which protects his academic freedom, with McAdams... Read more »
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