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You CAN return from hell

I did. Hell was air travel. A simple trip to and from Florida. The airlines probably figure it’s routine trip, but routine for passengers these days is something entirely different: confusion, aggravation and a bed of thorns. We had flown a month before but this next time, things had changed. Again. And again.. First, we made... Read more »

Frontier Airlines' macro aggression against its passengers

The airlines’ reputation for jerking around its passengers, treating them as if they were cargo instead of people continues to grow unabated. Add this to the outrages,  in case you’re thinking of flying Frontier: Yesterday Frontier Airlines rang in the New Year in San Antonio by cancelling all of their flights WITHOUT notifying their passengers. Travelers were... Read more »

The brute power of falling water at Niagara Falls

Barbara and I recently returned from our first visit to Niagara Falls where we became acquainted with the brute force of falling water. The first video was taken from above the Canadian Falls, not far from the water’s edge. I won’t bother you with the stats about the number of gallons that  goes over the... Read more »

How to avoid Rome's pickpockets? Don't go

You know that pickpockets are a plague in Rome — the city of “amore” — when you can’t look up to admire Michelangelo’s masterpiece fresco on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling without getting your wallet lifted. I had hoped that in the eight years since my wallet disappeared in Rome’s subway that the constabulary would have... Read more »

Charge for airplane carry-on bags; let checked bags fly free

What is more annoying than having to wait behind oafish airline passengers trying to stuff their bulging carry-on bags into the overhead bins? For me, it’s a scene from hell. If I’m to be punished in Hades, I’ll be stuck in an eternal cycle of sluggish boarding and deplaning. Boarding, I’d be trapped in the... Read more »
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