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Orlando shooting unleashes a s**tstorm of blame

Even before the last victim of the Orlando shooting was admitted to the hospital, fools were at it, blaming each other for the slaughter. Can’t we wait until all the facts are in? Are we so convinced of our righteousness that we can’t see past our own biases? There’s not enough room here (even though... Read more »

TSA boss shows up; poof, the long lines at O'Hare Airport disappear

Those insufferably long lines at O’Hare Airport suddenly disappeared when TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger arrived in Chicago to meet  with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Senator Dick Durbin and the CEOs of United, American and Southwest airlines. A least one broadcast (Fox Business) from O’Hare showed an astonishing absence of passengers waiting to get through the TSA’s... Read more »

It's time for Congress to debate a declaration of war on ISIS

Instead of waiting around for President Barack Obama to do something (besides doing the wave at a Cuban baseball game or playing golf), Congress ought to exercise its exclusive power to declare war on ISIS. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution requires Congress to wait around for the president to send it a request to declare war.... Read more »

President Obama's 'brief' reassurances that America is safe

President Barack Obama’s pre-Thanksgiving appearance today was billed as  “President Obama briefs the nation on homeland security.” “Brief” sums it up. “We’re taking every precaution” (blah, blah). American security services “are on the case.”. There are no credible reports of a “plot on the homeland.” That was it. Nothing new. No questions taken. More words,... Read more »

Hillary Clinton invokes American exceptionalism in fight against Islamic state

Hillary Clinton today outlined in detail how she would engage in a war against the Islamic state and worldwide terrorism. In essence she trumped both President Barack Obama and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump by calling for, among other things, a “new phase” in the fight including a stepped up military offensive. But for me,... Read more »

Barack Obama's late arriving compassion for Syrian refugees

Barack Obama’s late arriving compassion for Syrian refugees is puzzling. For years, he apparently felt no compassion for the hundreds of thousands of Syrians who were killed or maimed in the bloodiest civil war in memory. The casualties and suffering in Syria are beginning to approach the horrific and storied Spanish Civil war in which... Read more »

Obama's stunning, insensitive, tone-deaf and flabby defense of his failed 'strategy' in the wake of the Paris massacres

Despite the slaughter of scores of innocent people in Paris, despite the global expansion of radical Islamic terrorism, despite the shock and to the dismay of millions, President Barack Obama dared to appear before a world-wide audience today and assert that his non-strategy of defeating ISIS is working. His press conference Monday at the G20... Read more »

The French National Anthem

In Solidarity Metropolitan Opera sings in solidarity: French fans sing National Anthem “La Marseillaise” – Evacuation from Stade de France | Paris Attack La Marseillaise Casablanca (Hat tip to Dan Miller)  

All right! Obama has ISIS surrounded!

In what may be President Barack Obama’s most poorly timed proclamation, he asserted on ABC that ISIS has been contained, just hours before the deadly Islamist jihadists’ attacks on Paris. He said (about 1:10 into the video):  “I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” the president told Stephanopoulos in an interview at the White House Thursday.... Read more »

Are we safer now than we were on 9/11, 14 years ago?

No, I don’t think that we are safer now than we were on 9/11, 14 years ago when thousands of innocent Americans were murdered by religious fanatics. I doubt we’ll see a repeat of terrorists hijacking four planes to fly them into buildings because it’s harder to get on a plane with a weapon, but... Read more »
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