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Ever hear of a "self-written search warrant?"

I hadn’t either until someone sent me this youtube video of Judge Andrew Napolitano speaking about it. He said a couple of FBI agents showed up at the 86-year-old librarians house with a search warrant they wrote themselves (as opposed to a judge, as the constitution requires, I thought). They said that she was forbidden... Read more »

NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a traitor

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is definitely a traitor. Whether he is a patriot has yet to be seen. Also yet to be seen is whether the leaking of NSA secrets was a moral act. There’s clearly a lot more we don’t know about the government’s secret snooping on American citizens and others, as a Chicago... Read more »

What's wrong with being under surveillance in public?

Imagine what would have happened if the Lord & Taylor closed-circuit TV cameras weren’t there to capture the images of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers. They probably would still be on the loose. They might have killed or wounded dozens of tourists and New Yorkers in Times Square. Their successful escape could have energized other... Read more »

Islamic fanatics kill women working to eradicate polio

Why isn’t this a cause for American feminists? If you to get a real feel for what we’re fighting in the war of terrorism, see this story about how young, women volunteers were killed because they committed the sin of joining forces with Rotary International and others to eliminate polio in Pakistan. The details are... Read more »

We're flying to New York City on 9/11--II

We made it. Not a thing untoward or amiss. Security at O’Hare Airport seemed attentive although not excessive. Barb and I got put into a special line and received special attention (body scan, pat down) because we didn’t have round-trip tickets. (We’re flying back from Boston.) Or else we just looked suspicious. A nice round... Read more »

We're flying into New York City on 9/11. Gulp.



What will Obama do about Yemen?

The  bombs sent from Yemen to two Chicago Jewish congregations turns the spotlight on that troubled nation, which, as this New York Times article explains, is emerging as an important operational base for Al Qaeda. Intelligence experts had previously believed that radical Islamic murderers had used that simmering Gulf nation as a base for launching... Read more »
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