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Indiana's building more new homes than Illinois

How can that be. After all, Illinois is bigger than Indiana. The nation’s third (used to be second) largest city is in Illinois. More Fortune 500 companies are in the Chicago area than Illinois. Illinois is the nation’s transportation hub, home to great universities, a couple of national laboratories and two major league teams. Yet... Read more »

'In Florida, Homeowners Come for the Weather and Stay for the Tax Relief'

Come on down! From the Wall Street Journal: There’s a way for rich homeowners to potentially shave tens of thousands of dollars from their tax bills. They can get that same savings the next year and the following years as well. They can cut their taxes even further after they die. What’s the secret? Moving... Read more »

In Illinois, investors come before children

Where would you prefer your Illinois taxes go: to wealthy bondholders or to the Department of Children and Family Services to protect innocent, vulnerable and abused kids? Who in his right mind would pick the wealthy bondholders? But that is precisely what the state of Illinois has done when setting its priorities. Investors and lenders are reaping... Read more »

Illinois Democrats install REGRESSIVE taxes and fees

All we hear from Gov. J.B. Pritzker and his henchpersons is how they are the only ones looking out for the middle class and poor. They cite as Exhibit A the “progressive” income tax that will hit only the wealthy and give a break (albeit small) for most taxpayers. Swell. Except that the new taxes... Read more »

Jeanne Ives reveals Property Tax Relief Grants sham

The former Illinois state representative and conservative who nearly upset Bruce Rauner in the GOP primary discloses more deception as practiced by Springfield politicians. As part of the 2017 school funding formula change, $50 million – of the annual targeted $350 million increase in state education funding – is designated to go to districts with high... Read more »

J.B. Pritzker' deadly dose for Illinois' economy

Not just what the doctor ordered to fix Illinois economy, stem the fight of residents and businesses out of state, and solve the systemic  problems with the state’s spending. If anything it will make it all worse, terribly so. Democrat gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker has cowardly, insultingly and dangerously refused to say exactly how much higher... Read more »

A list of Illinois employees and companies that benefited from the GOP tax cuts

The left has been endlessly arguing that the GOP federal tax cuts are hurting the middle class and Americans in general. To balance things out, here’s a list, created by a right-wing group, of employees and companies in Illinois have benefited from the tax cuts. It’s a long list.

$1 of every $3 in Illinois individual income tax is paid to retired teachers

That’s right, $1 of every $3 of your Illinois individual income tax goes to retired teachers, a calculation says. That’s $1,578 if you live in Chicago, are married and your household income is $100,000. That’s $1,578 that won’t go to needed healthcare, social services and schools. Stunning, isn’t it. And J.B. Pritzker, the Democrat candidate for Illinois governor wants... Read more »

Experts: Increase Illinois property taxes 40 percent

From Crain’s Chicago Business: llinois homeowners, who already pay some of the nation’s highest property taxes, should pay about 40 percent more for the next decade to wipe out the state’s crippling pension debt, according to a trio of economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The economists argue that paying off the state’s... Read more »

Another gift from your Illinois Democrats

Illinois property taxes are growing 6 times faster than household incomes Ah yes, Democrats (mostly but not exclusively) have given us another reason to get the hell out of Chicago and Illinois. According to the Illinois Policy Institute: Government data show average property taxes paid in Illinois grew more than 6 times faster than household... Read more »
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