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Should criminal penalties be reduced for teens engaging in consensual sexual activities?

That’s the question now being raised in states across the country. According to Pew Charitable Trust’s Stateline: … the Montana Legislature passed [a bill] last month that would reduce the penalties for teens caught engaging in consensual sexual activity. The measure also would expand the age range covered by the state’s existing Romeo and Juliet... Read more »

How much was it worth for Fox to dump Bill O'Reilly?

Word is that Fox paid the Bill O’Reilly tens of millions of dollars, perhaps $25 million to rid themselves of the adolescent, hormonal sex fiend. Was it worth it? Hell, yes. Maybe even more, a lot more, if that’s what it would have taken. Although I agreed with many of his conservative viewpoints, I couldn’t stand the sight... Read more »

Bill O'Reilly, serial pig

Just looking at this arrogant, serial pig creeps me out. I often agree with his political views and he has co-written some readable popular history, but his pomposity makes me gag. Just as does Rush Limbaugh’s iron-clad certitude and righteousness. Conservatives can do better then these two. And they better. So now comes news that... Read more »

Transgender Fight Requires Compromise on Privacy Rights

This article appeared earlier in President Trump has reignited a battle that many liberals thought they had won: whether pre-teens and teens (children, really) are required to share bath, locker and shower rooms with their transgender peers. Trump stepped into this quagmire when he rescinded an Obama administration “guidance” directing public schools to allow... Read more »

"Body shaming" lunacy

The latest is a dispatch from the Rockford Register Star, “Prom police: Rockford schools crack down on revealing outfits.” The “Prom police” in this instance is Boylan Catholic High School, which has issued a Prom 2017 Proper Dress and Dance Policy and Dress Code Guidelines that tells girls and boys what is acceptable dress and what isn’t.... Read more »

Good riddance, Roger Ailes

As the accusations of sexual harassment against Fox News chief Roger Ailes pile up, the reasons for his dismissal multiply. The alleged groping, and a boss’s threats  to destroy an employee’s career if she doesn’t flop into bed with him–all are not to be tolerated. Besides, who would want to do the deed with this... Read more »

Do white children think that they can become black when they grow up?

Some do, according to a new study. Reports CBS Detroit: According to a University of Michigan study, white preschoolers often believe a person’s race can change over time, and the youngsters even think they can can grow up to become black adults. Steven Roberts, a U-M doctoral student and the study’s lead author, said that although children may be... Read more »

Obama Administration's push for transgender rights NOT likely to succeed,

The Chicago Tribune on Saturday ran a story headlined “Administration’s push for transgender rights likely to succeed.…” Maybe, maybe not. The article is long on rhetoric, but short on substance. And after reading a lawsuit filed by students and parents at Fremd High School in Palatine, Ill., challenging Obama’s increasing transgender dicta, I’d say there’s... Read more »

The real bullying at Fremd High School is spewing from the LBGT crowd

Even if your daughter doesn’t attend Fremd, this is a battle that is coming to your public school* Without surcease,  the progressive law-givers scold the rest of us about the evils of bullying. Much of it, they say, is the bullying of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, questioning and gender fluid children by those ugly, ignorant... Read more »

Consensual sexting by young teens now is legal in New Mexico

Gov. Susana Martinez reluctantly has signed child porn legislation that, incredibly, allows consensual “sexting” by 14-to-18-year-olds to be exempt from prosecution under child abuse laws. Ironically, the law aims to impose tougher penalties on the producers, distributors and possessors of child pornography–something everyone seems to agree is a good idea. But on the way to... Read more »
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