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An Earth Day plea to get politics out of climate science

Long-time Chicagoans will remember John Coleman, a Chicago meteorologist and founder of the Weather Channel. On this Earth Day he has issued a plea to get politics out of climate science, arguing that politics has corrupted the debate over climate change and global warming. In the USAToday, he said: When all the scare talk is... Read more »

Ground-breaking journalism in the Chicago Tribune

Anyone who says that newspapers are dead or dying, or not as good as they used to be, ought to check out the Chicago Tribune’s front-page story, “Dangerous doses: Data mining for deadly drug combinations.” To my knowledge, this may be the first significant newspaper/science collaboration of its kind. It spotlights some dangerous drug combinations... Read more »

Mr. Bill: 'Oh, no! Climate change is spreading the Zika virus'

So, how long did that take? Few of us had heard of the Zika virus until a few weeks ago. But it didn’t take long for the media to ramp up jitters to an all-out panic that the virus that causes grotesque birth defects and long-term neurological problems is heading our way. The thinking is that... Read more »

Ronald Reagan and the nation mourn the Challenger shuttle disaster 30 years ago today

And for those of us who witnessed it, we still mourn. As with the President John F. Kennedy assassination, we, who are old enough, will forever remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard. We won’t forget because it was one of the worst American tragedies to unfold before our eyes.... Read more »

Thank Andrew J. Viterbi for your cell phone and other digital devices

Have you ever wondered how, with billions of cell phone transmissions floating around in the air, why you only hear the call that came for you? Why you aren’t constantly interrupted with pieces and bits of other people’s conversations made on separate calls? After all, many of them are being made on the same “cell”... Read more »

NOAA hides data 'refuting' the nearly two-decade pause in global warming

A controversial issue is whether there has been a  nearly two-decade pause in global warming, as asserted by climate change “agnostics.”  In June, 2015, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration published a study that claimed that the warming pause was based on a misreading of the data. According to a NOAA press release, the new... Read more »

The good of CO2 outweighs the bad

The good of carbon dioxide outweighs the bad, according to a new study by Indur M. Goklany for the The Global Warming Policy Foundation The good, unfortunately, is not often discussed in the many rants warning about how manmade CO2 will warm the Earth to disastrous levels. The study concludes, according to Freeman Dyson, who wrote in the... Read more »

Former Greenpeace activist explains why he is a climate change skeptic

Patrick Moore is an environmental activist,  served for nine years as president of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as a director of Greenpeace International. Someone with those credentials might be expected to be a true believer that anthropogenic climate change is unquestionably bringing about global warming. But, he’s not. He says: I am skeptical humans are... Read more »

When it comes to measles, liberals also can be anti-science wackos

With the recent outbreak of measles, we’ve heard more than enough of  left-wing ideologues blaming ”wacko anti-science” conservatives. Just like they reject the “settled science” of global warming, these  so-called right-wing nuts are the ones that are causing the measles outbreak  because they are “anti-science.” But when it comes to measles, liberals also can be anti-science wackos.... Read more »

Christians prepare to retaliate against Islam for attack on Paris newspaper

Well, not really. The determination of Parisians and western democracies to respond against the Islamic State and other Islamic-based terrorist groups might well be fortified by the horrific slaughter by three masked gunman of 12 people in a raid on the Paris offices of a satirical newspaper. In the name of Allah. But I don’t... Read more »
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