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Bombs mailed to liberals awaken tinhats

The Chicago Tribune reports: The Secret Service said Wednesday that it had intercepted packages containing “potential explosive devices” addressed to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in New York and former President Barack Obama in Washington. The devices were recovered not long after an explosive device was found in a mailbox at the Bedford, N.Y.,... Read more »

Illinois' balanced budget? The joke's on us

If we’re to believe the Illinois politicians–Democrat and Republican–the new fiscal year 2019 “balanced” budget they passed overwhelmingly is a bipartisan lovefest, a return to what should be a normal budget process and a first step to putting the fiscally challenged state back on track. Ha, ha. The joke’s on us. And the politicians know it.... Read more »

Rauner's lipstick on a pig state-of-the-state address

If Gov. Bruce Rauner thought he could paper over Illinois’ many ills in order to attract Amazon to the Prairie State, then he must think that the company’s decision-makers are fools. In his state-of-the-state address he must have thought that because Twinkies were spawned here the company that’s using state-of-the-art digitals to zoom to the dominate... Read more »

Stupid GOP about to hand a couple victories to progs

Here’s a message to the stubborn Republicans who seem willing to hand hard-left progressives a couple of victories on health care reform and the budget: You can’t govern with 30-some votes. And your failure to govern is going to bring down the Republican Party and hand the government’s reins back to the likes of Democrats Nancy... Read more »

The backlash against protest demonstrations has begun

Fueled by the endless protests against the election of Donald Trump and others such as Occupy Wall Street, Republican legislators in 16 states have been introducing legislation intended,  according to the New York Times: to make protests more orderly or to toughen penalties against ones that go awry. Republicans in two other states, Massachusetts and North... Read more »

Here are some Republican plans to replace Obamacare

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has again repeated the canard that Republicans have no plan to replace Obamacare (the misnamed Affordable Care Act). In a way she is right: Republicans don’t have a single plan; they have multiple plans. But that’s not the way that Pelosi wants the uniformed to think. She wants them to... Read more »

Evan McMullen--the first independent presidential candidate to win a state since 1968?

Conservative Republican Evan McMullen and his running mate, Mindy Finn, the founder of Empowered Women, have been steadily drawing more support from independents and others who can’t bring themselves to vote for either of the despicable major party candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. They might even win the state of Utah, the first independent... Read more »

The GOP's last presidential hope: Trump resigns, Pence replaces him on ticket

UPDATES: Trump says he’ll never abandon his quest for the presidency. GOP leadership jumping ship. Of the two presidential major party presidential candidates–Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton–who has the least chance of winning, I’d guess (wildly and don’t hold me to it) that Trump will be retiring after the election to his old... Read more »

Trump true believers: 'We don't need no stinking independents'

The one thing the Republican convention clarified is that dissent is alive and well in the GOP and in America. And that’s a good and great thing. It’s  what the American system of governance was designed to accommodate. Without dissent we’ve got, well, Donald Trump’s true believers. People who have no tolerance for disagreement, who... Read more »

Trump zealots, you'll be sorry

You could have surprised me when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, lord of the outliers, let it be known that he is considering Newt Gingrich, lord of the insiders, as a possible pick for vice president. Gingrich, the former House Speaker, is as inside as you can get, with a long political and lobbying history–which... Read more »